Popbitch Popquiz // Single Editions

Teal Edition – £5

ft. a celebrity alias wordsearch, pop mathematics, Brother or Lover?, K-Pop or KKK-Pop?, American superstar quotes – and more…

Popbitch Popquiz: Play-At-Home

Orange Edition – £5

ft. curious pop covers, Carole Baskin’s cats v So Solid Crew, a Filthy Rotten Rumours round and lots, lots more…

Popbitch Popquiz: Play-At-Home

Light Pink (Family Friendly!) – £5

ft. an S Club wordsearch, Susan Boyle sudoku, an advert audio round, Goosebumps or Glastonbury? and much, much more – all done very tastefully….

Popbitch Popquiz: Family Friendly

Purple Edition – £5

ft. A Boris baby wordsearch, celebrity courtroom portraits, nicknames of the stars, Enid Blyton or Erotica? – and more…

Popbitch Popquiz: Play-At-Home

Green Edition – £5

ft. Where’s Nick Cave?, a celebrity whopper wordsearch, hobbies of the stars, a Covid-19 audio round, Morrissey v Hyacinth and much more besides…

Popbitch Popquiz: Play-At-Home

Blue Edition – £5

ft. a Blazin’ Squad wordsearch, celebrity Dananagrams, seduction techniques of the stars, bad tats, Babies vs Apples, an audio round, topical trivia round and your choice of activity…

Popbitch Popquiz: Play-At-Home

Pink Edition – £5

ft. an Easter Egghead hunt, emoji bands, caught out celebrities, a springtime audio round, a ‘Swearier Than Scarface’ film round, plus trivia, activities and cartoon parody porn stars…

Popbitch Popquiz: Play-At-Home


After purchase, PayPal should automatically take you to a download page. If for any reason it doesn’t, we’ll also be regularly emailing download links to new purchasers – but if you have any issues with ordering, downloading or anything else, please don’t hesitate to email quiz@popbitch.com.