Sketchy Celeb Endorsements

VM writes:
“In 2015, whilst visiting the Museo de la Revolucion in Havana, I noticed in the signage they had a certain British celebrity in their display pictures walking around the Cuban museum. It was a few years past the Twilight frenzy but they still thought Robert Pattinson would be a good draw for people. No idea if he was a huge fan of Castro history but you wouldn’t be going around humid Havana in that beanie and leather jacket…”

MT writes:
“I was in Vienna a couple of years ago and spotted this. I don’t think Sharon Stone approved it…”

AR writes:
“In Santiago, Chile, there’s a restaurant called the Pica de Clinton. The story goes that Bill Clinton attended the Summit of the Americas there in 1998. He was at an event at the Municipal Theatre across the road, where apparently he threw off his security detail to have a diet Coke.

“The best thing about this place is when you go downstairs to use the toilet. Instead of signs on the doors saying ‘Ladies’ and ‘Gents’, the doors are adorned with photos of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

“Apparently he didn’t leave a tip.”

EJ writes:
“This is sadly not my picture, but I sped past this in a bus in Prizren, Kosovo in spring 2018.”