IV/ Art Of The Dyl

Despite the millions of dollars that some of its sketchy, secretive investors ploughed into it, Radar Magazine failed to take off. But it’s not as if these guys got nothing for their money. Far from it. Being a member of the Radar Investors’ Circle has ended up having a few pretty nifty perks for those involved…

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II/ A Social Animal

Harvey Weinstein wasn’t the only suspect investor to stump up funds for Radar. Jeffrey Epstein whipped out his chequebook too. But what possible reason could a notoriously secretive billionaire with myriad ties to high society and a rumoured penchant for sex with young girls have for wanting to own a stake in a celebrity gossip magazine?

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Max Impact

Our lawyer suggested that we provide some editorial context here to make it clear that this is “the unauthorised rushes of a dead criminal”.

So there you go…

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