III/ Max Factor

And what of Max Clifford, the famed PR mastermind who failed to protect his own reputation? How could someone so ruthlessly committed to burying bad news, who spent his entire career making problems like this disappear, end up dying in such disgrace in prison? In more ways than one, he only had himself to blame…

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Syco Paths

One of Simon Cowell’s most recent productions is a true-crime series hosted by the ex-police officer best known for taking down Jimmy Savile, Mark Williams-Thomas. They’re hardly the Watson and Holmes of our day, but their true-crime series The Investigator is interesting stuff. Not because of what it covers, necessarily – but because of how it came about…

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Max Impact

Our lawyer suggested that we provide some editorial context here to make it clear that this is “the unauthorised rushes of a dead criminal”.

So there you go…

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