A Popbitch Goody Bag

To celebrate our 900th issue, we’re giving away some free stuff! We’re guessing that’s why you’re here?


Inside your goody bag:

* A four-part Best Of compilation, featuring some of our favourite stories from the mailout over the last 18+ years

* A 30+page PDF selection of some of our longer pieces, including:
– Atomic Disasters: An illustrated guide to Kerry Katona’s taste in men
– In-Jokes And Injunctions: A lawyer proofed method for reading between the lines of celebrity reporting
– For Whom Libel Tolls: Now Katie Hopkins is close to bankruptcy, we itemise how it can all go so wrong
– Sophizzurp: If you’re going to get off your box on cough syrup, you can at least be classy…

* Popbitch: The Untouchables – A 900 second mix featuring some of the stars of the newsletter

[Download it now! 36MB .zip file]