Popbitch Puzzlebook: Quarantine Edition

Looking for something to do on lockdown? Why not bring the spirit of the Popbitch Popquiz into your home and distract yourself from the world outdoors with the specially prepared Popbitch Puzzlebook!

It contains 30 pages of Popbitch Popquiz puzzles, quizzes and activities for you to complete in quarantine, INCLUDING:

* SUBOKU Susan Boyle sudoku for beginners, improvers and experts!
* A QUESTION OF SUNDAY SPORT Can you finish the headline?
* CHER AND CHER-ALIKE Spot the Chers from the impersonators!
* MIKE’S MAZE Guide Gove to the urinal!
* THE BLACK BOOK Who can you find in Jeffrey Epstein’s contacts list?

PLUS: Kindle erotica, bad fan art, colouring in with Rolf Harris, Paul Danan’s Dananagrams, parody porn performers and some other exclusives…

The downloadable, printable PDF is yours for just £5 – and you can order it through PayPal right now.

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After purchase, you’ll be taken to a download page. We’ll also regularly email download links to new purchasers – but if you have any issues with ordering, downloading or anything else, please email quiz@popbitch.com.