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Poor old Kelly Brook, unlucky in love again

Hopefully if she keeps trying she'll eventually find a partner to keep, like Simon Cowell and George Clooney have.

thebestnameshavegone 1:09, reply

Not Dr Fox! Is nothing sacred?

He took my friend up in his helicopter once, maybe that's what this is about.

deep_stoat 16:32, reply

As if Foxy would need to resort to such things. The man's a Love God.

plasticflamingo 17:10, reply

Rage Against The Cuisine

bad_horsey 14:35, reply

I can't think what you're trying to imply.

She was engaged to Billy Zane, for God's sake!!!!!

plasticflamingo 8:10, reply

dawnsyndrome 8:40, reply

thatevilwoman 10:51, reply

mrsix 11:06, reply

deep_stoat 11:22, reply

beefsharky 11:56, reply

pink_oboe 11:58, reply

thatevilwoman 12:19, reply

Is that Jeannette Charles?

dawnsyndrome 14:03, reply

philanderer 12:53, reply

__________ 14:11, reply

dawnsyndrome 14:30, reply

mrsix 14:40, reply

pink_oboe 15:17, reply

thatevilwoman 17:39, reply

dawnsyndrome 20:52, reply

i LOVE this

__________ 14:40, reply

Her hairdo will never die.

dawnsyndrome 15:03, reply

It's been on life-support a few times

mr_david 15:10, reply

...but still brings joy to squillions.

dawnsyndrome 15:24, reply

bad_horsey 16:00, reply

thatevilwoman 17:37, reply

I approve this message

(Which is all I can approve on here) :(

gordonsalive 9:14, reply

Double cleb spot yesterday

Two spottings in London's fashionable Picadilly yesterday

Maverick outsider comedian Jerry Sadowitcz arm in arm with attractive young lady &

Chris Difford and family heading up The Junction(probably)

barry 13:34, reply

chris difford is a shit

__________ 13:50, reply

Shut up

and get back to playing your shit boogie-woogie piano over other peoples songs Jools.

mrsix 14:34, reply

Excuse me !

It's called PLINKY PLONKY piano.

fayekorgazm 17:58, reply

You just can't get the staff these days.

deep_stoat 10:17, reply

Viagra sorted me right out.

mrsix 14:41, reply

Difford has

A Guardian Masterclass on songwriting event being hawked for GBP449. It's fighting for attention with 'How to launch a microbrewery' and 'Infographics for beginners', mind.

soapy_handerton 20:38, reply


dawnsyndrome 9:39, reply

"UKIP defectors are the sort of people who have sex with vacuum cleaners"

Conservatives prefer Range Rovers

rogermoore 20:20, reply


chablis 13:06, reply

Expert use of the crevice tool by Jeff.

humphrey_plugg 17:04, reply

The wallpaper!

mr_david 15:12, reply


Look at the state of his pelmet!

dawnsyndrome 15:06, reply

Fucking hell, is that the same bloke?

deep_stoat 13:44, reply


chablis 19:52, reply

"Jeff Mitchell"

he has a page on the Xhamster site under the nomme du guerre TAILPIPEMAN VVNSFW- has his alleged home number addresss and details on it- give him a call. Ask him about preparing cucumbers.

rogermoore 20:03, reply

Teh Grauniad Wintess

Probably corn. The venerable organ of the press has a weekly feature requesting readers to contribute travel stories etc, with the promise of GBP200 of travel vouchers for the winner. Weirdly, the winner is usually the entry that appears just before the closing deadline, accompanied by a photograph unlikely to have been shot on an iPhone, unless Apple is now equipping iPhones with Hasselblad lenses. Case in point: The most recent one was won by this user, who is not at all a staff writer, hell no. Although if they were, it would be a very neat way to harvest stories for your future travel features for no actual outlay, wouldn’t it?

bad_horsey 10:11, reply

surely you can't be saying it's fixed?

car_snow_gin 10:37, reply

dawnsyndrome 10:44, reply

mrsix 14:24, reply

__________ 17:15, reply

That's the second bright red cock we've had on the board this week...

plasticflamingo 16:43, reply

(pb gold, no?)

beefsharky 20:25, reply

Captions/Sausages please.

mrsix 8:48, reply

Receding hairline? brain's just getting bigger and I'll punch anyone who disagrees with me

scratty 17:31, reply

Look at my arse Peasant!

mrsix 13:05, reply

Lord Moonface works the shaft.

deep_stoat 11:34, reply

Mark Kermode Hairstyle "All The Rage" In Corridors Of Power

sydbarretthomes 10:48, reply

spank_daley 9:49, reply

__________ 13:33, reply

rogermoore 9:54, reply

mr_david 0:05, reply

dawnsyndrome 8:51, reply

pink_oboe 10:59, reply

Van Der Falk

(Or whatever he's called) could do with resigning Rio

soapy_handerton 22:56, reply

bad_horsey 10:54, reply

Pictures of Cameron always remind me of Gielgud's description of Anthony Quayle as having a face 'like two tins of condemned veal'....

plasticflamingo 14:36, reply

Is your reception better, or worse, with Orange?

plasticflamingo 8:22, reply

bad_horsey 9:25, reply

Heard a rumour

That Duncan from Blue has been approached to replace gaunt dancer. This may however just be a play on gaining some 'Orange is not the only fruit' headlines.

soapy_handerton 17:56, reply

phil spector's looking well

__________ 6:16, reply

Straight outta Isengard

bad_horsey 13:11, reply

philanderer 16:04, reply

They raped the hair right offa his head.

dawnsyndrome 8:27, reply

Dobby's let himself go

pink_oboe 8:20, reply

To be fair, Spector's never looked well.

plasticflamingo 8:21, reply

But let's remember the hair-dos...

dawnsyndrome 13:18, reply

fayekorgazm 17:58, reply

car_snow_gin 15:49, reply

nick rhodes has let himself go

__________ 15:52, reply

curlywurly 13:21, reply

7zark7 6:41, reply

mr_david 8:35, reply


thebestnameshavegone 13:25, reply

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