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"In this day and age we don't need this sort of thing" Fabulous.

neville_bartos 11:45, reply


there were no children in the shop."

Fucking mushers

stan2a10shun 14:38, reply

bad_horsey 12:56, reply


plasticflamingo 17:27, reply

Presumably Crouch End.

bad_horsey 7:27, reply

'Ginger', though

'non-hair-colour associated' needs adding. You never can be too careful, you know ...

stan2a10shun 14:40, reply

They forgot to add "Fun Free"

dawnsyndrome 13:11, reply

Cake terrorism?

dawnsyndrome 13:41, reply

shoo bomber?

__________ 17:15, reply


doris 19:27, reply

This is a possible explanation

He's *alegedly* been on a crusade to expose pedophillia (disclaimer - probably highly libelious and may involve mental illness) www.cookda ... .html#msg2 site is nsfw natch

louiseboat 23:42, reply


Did you never learn to spell?


powermaster 15:26, reply

There are some very strange comments on that board.

Though I rather like " i bet a penny to a pinch of poop you haven't chopped your nob off and thrown it at a swan yet have you?"

deep_stoat 9:56, reply

Is he selling DVDs?

dawnsyndrome 19:41, reply

Harvey wants to 'leather'

Dave Cam for using the phrase 'a political hot potato' on Radio 4 this week.

BH's sensitive about the words 'hot potato' and eats only potato salad these days or very finely cut fries in gravy

thatevilwoman 17:35, reply

I blame Bez

edmor 17:33, reply

At least he's unlikely to be run over there.

deep_stoat 17:30, reply

Is he demanding equality for Smurfs?

plasticflamingo 17:34, reply


Ken Loach directed some of those Oxo family commercials.

deep_stoat 9:33, reply

Didn't even make it to Christmas :(

bad_horsey 8:05, reply

Back in the good old days of gravy browning...

...nobody batted an eyelid if you had a clone for a husband.

dawnsyndrome 19:38, reply

what's the difference between a homosexual and a microwave?

a microwave doesn't brown your meat.

__________ 17:17, reply

Oxo to Boxo?

lennie 10:27, reply

here she is in perkier times

__________ 8:54, reply

Indeed. The 70s were better for some than the present day.

dawnsyndrome 19:37, reply

*wanks cock*

__________ 21:22, reply

I already have that picture in my collection

but its laminated.

roger_mycock 19:05, reply

i was going to post that sweeney clip where she's dead and topless

it didn't seem very respectful, though.

__________ 9:50, reply


not making any grave-y puns at this time

car_snow_gin 12:23, reply

That's made me glaze over.

dawnsyndrome 11:03, reply


horrible basted

stan2a10shun 20:38, reply

Enough of this stock humour

bad_horsey 12:42, reply

it's knocked the stuffing out of me.

I'm browned off

thatevilwoman 13:21, reply

Yes, you're right.

Maybe tomorrow.

deep_stoat 12:04, reply

Like Niobe, all tears, you are...

plasticflamingo 12:13, reply

More like The Littlest Hobo

spank_daley 13:07, reply

deep_stoat 16:27, reply

spank_daley 16:43, reply

deep_stoat 17:30, reply


mrs_ivy_trellis 17:42, reply


deep_stoat 19:02, reply

mrs_ivy_trellis 20:10, reply

dawnsyndrome 21:31, reply


mr_david 9:30, reply

What a shame.

plasticflamingo 8:40, reply

This is Paris.

It's a buttplug Christmas.

dawnsyndrome 8:38, reply

How ironic


dawnsyndrome 19:33, reply

Busted windsock.

beefsharky 8:33, reply


Pushing the envelope of cross-species pornography- red-blooded werehedgehog action

rogermoore 15:22, reply

Mercury prize bothering acousto-hipster Nick Mulvey...

is obviously better at making money off awards than his own merch.

He's going to have a particularly tough time selling the current tour t-shirt (with dates that extend well into 2015), seeing that they've printed all the dates on the inside... (and yes they are still selling them rather than having them re-printed)

neville_bartos 16:44, reply

Kylie did the same years ago with her Camp Kylie T-shirts.

Or I just got a shit one.

deep_stoat 23:45, reply

you can't turn hundreds of t-shirts inside out by accident

eg they're probably meant to be like that, for reasons of bleeding edge fashion or something.

__________ 20:59, reply

Or someone really annoyed the person printing the t-shirts.

doris 21:02, reply

Re the mailout and female tree huggers stuffing memory cards up their twats...

Once looked after a reporter who would positively brag about how many USB sticks he could stuff up his arse.

kerching 20:07, reply

deep_stoat 16:40, reply

You're not supposed to tell us that

Data Protection, innit.

soapy_handerton 7:24, reply

stan2a10shun 22:01, reply

__________ 5:54, reply

Shirley Yamaguchi Deaded

plasticflamingo 11:12, reply

She wasn't in Tokyo Story.

That still is from House of Bamboo. As well to get these things right ...

nickythenark 15:48, reply

With just that towel around her...... must have been a bit nippy. *get's coat, hat, suitcase and climbs in Pickfords van*

majicman 8:48, reply

Number 54?

The house with the bamboo door?

deep_stoat 16:26, reply

rogermoore 13:04, reply

she's STILL dead?

__________ 11:42, reply

The last time I shagged her? Yes.

plasticflamingo 13:46, reply


majicman 20:38, reply

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