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New Robot Wars presenter Angela Scanlon absolutely loathes Jameela Jamil.

It's not a lot but it's all I've got this morning. Apart from the fact that Tom Hardy is still a massive bellend.

deep_stoat 9:26, reply

Someone from Star Trek: Enterprise

is going out with someone from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. But don't tell anyone, it's a big secret apparently. When you tell someone that it's best not to have such a loud L.A. voice that everyone else in the cafe can hear.

mr_david 9:50, reply

I'm going to assume it's Jolene Blalock and Terry Farrell, just because.

curlywurly 14:20, reply

I think it's William Shatner and a klingon.

deep_stoat 22:55, reply

Calum Best

has been signed up to 'star' in (yet another) London Gangster film. The Name of the Game. The Director has edited such classics as: The Rise and Fall of the White Collar Hooligan, Strippers vs Werewolves, Essex boys Retribution and, He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege.

So I expect it to me a subtle, nuanced, exploration of the dichotomy of the gangster lifestyle and middle-class familial mores.

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 10:12, reply

I thought they'd stopped making tax dodge films

since that public schoolboy from Starsuckers got sent down?

onthehushhush 19:24, reply

bubastis 5:08, reply

Take him out...

Today's emergency Cobra meeting in Whitehall was chaired by none other than the Deputy National Security Advisor Paddy Mcguinness...perhaps he got some help from his uncle Martin *Gets coat, trips over bin*

jimmy_corkhill 14:29, reply

Popbitch Fantasy Football League

The code for the 16/17 Season of Fantasy Football League is:- 195681-62510

kerching 7:48, reply

shagpile_perm 21:08, reply

I don't understand this.

Is it 'funny'?

__________ 9:32, reply

Phil May

He was a classmate of mine for years. In his teenage years he was already dressing like an old fogie and talking like he had swallowed the Tory manifesto. Seemed to think Ted Heath was a great man.

the_tired_peanut_picker 20:55, reply

Hardly big news

But Colin Murray quitting talksport reminds me of the letter of complaint he sent the Telegraph a few years ago. Colin took umbrage against the Tele calling him a 'boring DJ' and seemed to be considering action until the chap who wrote the article pointed out that the dj set being reviewed consisted of songs by The Killers, Kings of Leon, Oasis, and ended with a Proclaimers song.

soapy_handerton 0:10, reply

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