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What The?


lady_pee 23:29, reply

Just checking my login still works after approx. 10 yrs ;)

lady_pee 23:30, reply

which it clearly does. Blimey!

lady_pee 23:32, reply

nice to see that the board still has the same feel as it did circa 2003/4.

lady_pee 23:45, reply

How was prison?

stan2a10shun 23:51, reply

Bittersweet if I'm honest mate. Now wtf is going on here? How many stoats are still present and are we still discussing the repeal of the corn laws?

lady_pee 23:56, reply

Slow news day

leaving aside the revolting Scotch- here's the new kit for some ladies biking troupe

rogermoore 9:07, reply

Can anyone actually explain why this happened? Having scanned all news stories, I am still, pretty much, flummoxed.

lady_pee 0:04, reply

Six cunts and an awkward bloke at the end.

It's the visual representation of the board.

deep_stoat 8:56, reply

Six self-portraits

You're getting better at Photoshop

bad_horsey 11:56, reply

I think I preferred him when he made those awful fake adverts...He called me a newbie last week...

plasticflamingo 10:37, reply

I blame the cunt

who gave him my elephant and made him Weasel of the Month.

mrsix 12:01, reply

Hi Morgan!

powermaster 13:06, reply

"Say what, motherfucker?"

spank_daley 15:00, reply

dawnsyndrome 16:11, reply

Gabrielle Drake's let herself go.

hack_daniels 21:52, reply


mr_david 23:41, reply

rogermoore 9:35, reply

Much more worrying, the prospect of hoards of

middle aged over weight Full Kit Wankers puffing up the road in this:

hack_daniels 9:53, reply

I prefer this look

edmor 13:44, reply

Sheer fabric is so dated...

dawnsyndrome 10:37, reply

is that from 'female trouble'?

__________ 11:43, reply

Like cottage cheese being pushed through a sieve.

plasticflamingo 10:39, reply

Mmm cheese...

dawnsyndrome 22:25, reply

Why do the gays do that mirror image couple thing?

I mean, not Elton, but the rest of them?

deep_stoat 22:35, reply

that's true

thatevilwoman 8:48, reply

"We have absolutely no idea!"

majicman 23:18, reply

Offside spot - Tony Adams on the train from Bath to London

being very charming and helping old ladies and women with pushchairs. I shit you not.

deep_stoat 12:08, reply

Duck butter wouldn't melt in her mouth

Probably corn and probably a PB untouchable, but are we all aware of Irish chanteuse E*y*'s weird trifecta with her manager and her manager's wife? It was only a brief thing though, lasting barely eight years.

bad_horsey 7:52, reply

Do the noises she makes during sex come fully harmonised?

plasticflamingo 8:01, reply

No, they're supplied via a Pro-Tools rig

Along with 90% of her 'live' performances.

bad_horsey 8:33, reply

and with Martine McCutcheon running around in the background

dressed as a fairy?

spank_daley 8:11, reply

dawnsyndrome 9:22, reply

spank_daley 13:32, reply

That bitch had Kurt killed

mrsix 12:24, reply

deep_stoat 10:48, reply

I thought he wasn't into 'muff'?

thatevilwoman 13:47, reply

That was Ronnie Allen

However every actor is gay, no matter what they may tell you. And the butch ones are the worst, all bona alamo for bijou twinks them lot.

fayekorgazm 15:26, reply

Well, talent alone isn't going to get you that role.

Being able to breathe through your ears is def a positive attribute for an actor, male or female.

dawnsyndrome 9:18, reply

Lothario !

Oops, wrong one. And again.

fayekorgazm 12:52, reply

Isn't that Skeletor's dad?

The original Adams Family

(Note that Skeletor didn't get away quickly enough)

dawnsyndrome 12:19, reply

Camerons villa

HotPMFacts from PM. David Cameron has bought a villa in the Niccone Valley (Umbria/Tuscany border) and work is progressing there. So, the upcoming election, the possible loss of Union, the certainty that the Conservatives will not get a majority and the return of Boris means he is preparing to return to business and leisure.

powermaster 9:37, reply

Breaking: U2 Shot Down

Not happy with Bono and his chums having non-consensual intercourse with your iTunes library? There's an app for that.

bad_horsey 11:42, reply

Rehashing old ideas...

7zark7 20:34, reply

Not like Apple to miss a moneymaking opportunity

Having paid GBP25 for a charging cable, I presumed they'd at least want a tenner to remove the U2 dross. This may actually be the future of music, paying to not have a band on your playlist.

soapy_handerton 17:14, reply

I think it just means that...

he, or more properly, his wife can afford to buy and renovate an Italian villa. The loss of Union must markedly increase Cameron's chances of being re-elected. In fact, I'm surprised he's not up there actively encouraging them to vote yes. Although, in a weird way, I suppose he is...

plasticflamingo 9:42, reply


Wouldn't the loss of the union mean the Conservatives have much-improved chances of being re-elected, but that enraged Tory MPs would force him to resign?

creatif 10:09, reply

Rather boringly

This myth of "lose Scotland and never get another Labour Govt." is exactly that. They'd've still won in 1997, 2001 & 2005 without Scotland, although last time around without Scotland there would've been an overall Tory majority. What fun that would've been. If you think the last 4 years have been bad imagine what it would've been like if the slash & burn merchants had been given free reign.

mongus_maximus 10:25, reply

curlywurly 11:05, reply

Before the start of the Tour of Britain stage in Bath last week

Cycling royalty Mark Cavendish and Marcel Kittel demonstrated their support for the event organisers' goal of encouraging young people to adopt active lifestyles, by taking the time to meet local primary school children, sign autographs, and generally be charming and approachable. Bradley Wiggins on the other hand, ignored them completely, preferring to share a chat and a joke with a group of businessmen in the VIP area, before riding off past the disappointed children without so much as a wave.

car_snow_gin 13:27, reply

Good for are shit.

chablis 15:31, reply

Not saying he's not a miserable Northerner

But the schedule given to VIP attendees of the Bath stage stated that Sir Brad would be available to them right up until warm-up. He's still the biggest draw for these things and tends to bring the most money in, a quick Google (i'm guessing you're more of a Bing gal?) would show his support for the charities involved.

soapy_handerton 8:46, reply

Born in Belgium, raised in London, you can't pin this one on us :)

arthur 14:35, reply

i do understand how these things work thanks

but in this instance, actions spoke louder than a charity crest on a webpage

car_snow_gin 10:03, reply

He was perfectly nice to Linda Snell on The Archers, so I can't see what the problem is here...

plasticflamingo 9:38, reply

To be fair, those sideburns...

...say 'I'm a massive cunt'.

7zark7 5:22, reply

Wiggins may very well still be a cunt

but he ditched the extravagant sideburns as long ago as November 2012, so use of the past tense is in order. He now sports a beard, much like any other Hoxton courier.

philanderer 15:37, reply

rogermoore 9:02, reply

__________ 17:31, reply

deep_stoat 8:47, reply

Hi Sir Bradley

You are still a try hard mod cunt

spank_daley 16:00, reply

On the sensitive subject of Ebola...

...It's been a good week in PR terms for the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine - their veteran Ebola-hunter par excellence Peter Piot appeared in the recent documentary about William Pooley, looking very heroic (he did co-discover the disease, after all), and his polished performance on screen can no doubt be put down to sterling prep work from LSHTM's communication team.

Of course, the comms team has something of a PR/hygiene problem of its own. It turns out one member of the outfit has severe BO, so severe in fact that neighbouring colleagues have to turn their fans off in case the stench wafts their way. Compounding matters no end is the fact that said odiferous co-worker likes stashing their even grubbier sports kit in the team coat-cupboard, which stinks the place out even more. Oh the ironies!

changeroftheways 13:42, reply

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