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Oliver Sacks RIP

you gave us some immortal memories, and the world is a richer place, thanks to your good humour. "que?" ('what?') was your catchphrase. No longer can that cuntbiscuit Brand mock you for fucking your slattern of a granddaughter.

thatevilwoman 9:54, reply

So LBFM group Fourth Power

Are the 'its all a fix, they've done loads of telly before' sacrifice for X Factor's first publicity push of the year.

What wasn't mentioned, however, was a 'Kitten and the Hip' moment when their bandmates were jettisoned. Yup, mum used to be in the group too.

soapy_handerton 13:57, reply

Kitten & the hip replacement.

downtownmanagua 10:15, reply

Re: Richard Bacon on Capital Rocks...

...seems a good fit. I remember seeing him yonks ago, rocking out with no rhythm what-so-ever to Joan Osborne's 'One of Us', declaring 'this is the BEST song'. Still, seems presenters of music shows seem to not have to know anything about music. I read an interview with Radio 1's Alice Levine in the Sunday Torygraph magazine, in which she pretty much declared knowing nothing about music (although her boyfriend does). Just another immigrant from the North, who made her way to Hackney and faked being cool like the best of them. The fact that she runs a supper club makes her even more of a cunt. Perfect for Radio 1 these days, I guess.

7zark7 12:17, reply

Dick Tips

'This is a family business'

monkeyhat 10:22, reply

Dick 2

The SNP are very keen on bilingual roadsigns, even in areas where historically Gaelic was never spoken.

Their latest cock-up is renaming the Isle of Bute for the Gaelic speaking 1%.

The sign reads "Welcome to the beauty of Penis Island"

(Picture includes Penis Island's MSP and huge Gaelic fan, Michael Russell.IDNSHBhoid)

celtiagirl 22:00, reply


philanderer 5:53, reply

Weekend spot hijack

Telly football talker about and former Arsenal full back Lee Dixon in a cafe in Richmond Park Saturday. Like half of the other bellends in there he was top-to-toe cycling lycra, though a far deeper hue of terracotta. His shorts were tight, but still IDNSHC sorry.

spank_daley 11:31, reply

Maybe Brooklyn Beckham could apply...

... has he told anyone his GCSE results?

7zark7 5:49, reply

If he's inherited his intelligence from his parents

he's probably stood outside an aquarium, or something, waiting for his results.

touchmyspastic 7:55, reply

The "Lethal Weapon" reboot looks a bit shonky

rogermoore 17:10, reply

Assange has aged badly

I could have told him that's what happens when you spend your life in a dark single room, wanking and crying into your Pot Noodles

thatevilwoman 15:43, reply

He's a few months short of going "Full Reg"

rogermoore 21:38, reply

philanderer 5:59, reply


thatevilwoman 11:01, reply

Can't wait for series ten

of Homeland

stan2a10shun 23:13, reply for those with internet censorships

drunken_boht 17:32, reply


spank_daley 15:42, reply

Kings Canterbury

thatevilwoman 21:34, reply


thatevilwoman 21:38, reply

angry_anteater 11:11, reply

*Doctor with stethascope*

"Big breaths*

*Girl in photo* "Yeth, and I'm only sixtheen*

uncle_whuppity 17:10, reply

thanks for that, arthur askey

__________ 13:49, reply

They were contemporaries.

deep_stoat 14:48, reply

Comics Arthur Askey and Marty Feldman died within a few days of each other

in 1982.

Arthur had had both legs amputated before he died due to gangrene. It was suggested Andy Fairweather-Lowe's 1975 hit "Wide Eyed And Legless" be re-released in tribute to them both.

uncle_whuppity 16:51, reply


deep_stoat 10:28, reply

If she needs to cover her text books in wallpaper,

I've got some paste she can use.

roger_mycock 14:13, reply

i miss right said fred

__________ 8:00, reply


whitemaninhammersmithpalais 8:35, reply


thatevilwoman 9:12, reply


thatevilwoman 9:27, reply

Le Rosey

plasticflamingo 9:59, reply


thatevilwoman 10:10, reply


deep_stoat 12:21, reply


humphrey_plugg 14:34, reply


thatevilwoman 14:55, reply

I feel for you

spank_daley 15:03, reply

thatevilwoman 15:12, reply


rogermoore 15:21, reply

(wherever he laid his hat was his home)

thatevilwoman 15:28, reply

spank_daley 15:31, reply

rogermoore 15:43, reply

thatevilwoman 15:42, reply

The post-lunch strippers are notoriously bad

rogermoore 16:43, reply

medium_smart has been pawing at them

thatevilwoman 16:25, reply


deep_stoat 10:28, reply


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neville_bartos 16:52, reply

*looks down*

No. That's the original cat woman.

spank_daley 13:15, reply

Cheltenham Ladies College

plasticflamingo 13:28, reply

gravelly_hills_cop 14:56, reply


fayekorgazm 17:41, reply


deep_stoat 16:03, reply

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