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London Underground going for a new Public Image

Jah Wobble is back driving a tube train

deep_stoat 8:59, reply

[whuppity] Wobble once got on the Underground Station public address system and announced to the commuters; "I used to be somebody. I repeat, I used to be somebody."[whuppity] and via youtube, appropriately-

trellis 14:05, reply

May the Hammersmith & City line rise to you.

mrsix 13:47, reply

Man given suspended sentence

for sending threatening voicemails to MP Ben Bradsahw

Oddbod (with drunk Paul Merson in the background)

deep_stoat 22:52, reply

trellis 21:14, reply

I *heart* John Sim

deep_stoat 8:55, reply

John Simm is a very strange man

fayekorgazm 9:56, reply

The love child of Stewart Lee and Vic Reeeves?

mike_hunt 7:18, reply


(for the mongs who said they don't know who this is, it's Marnie and Lewis from CBB who had a romance in the house but, it would appear, have met before)

deep_stoat 11:31, reply

Erm...I'm pretty sure that's Peter Capaldi and Martika, actually...

plasticflamingo 9:16, reply

Not according to TinEye

which I admit I had to use to find out who these Z-listers were when the image was first posted! I won't repeat this response in triplicate, but it would be the same in each case.

philanderer 17:19, reply


trellis 19:48, reply

She should name it 'Harryp.'

humphrey_plugg 21:55, reply

Drummer from The Inspiral Carpets, Craig Gill

Runs music tours of Manchester for GBP25 a pop. This Saturday he gave two 'Morrissey and The Smiths' tours. The morning one had 85 people on it (nice work if you can get it!) Highlights include Strangeways Prison, Salford Lads Club, Morrissey's childhood home and the Southern Cemetary. Comedy moment of the tour? This joke:

Q. What does Morrissey have in his sandwiches?

A. I don't know, but Johnny Marr might.

flobbit 8:59, reply

The guy who invented

The crossword is buried in Southern Cemetary. From the main gate, his grave is two down and four across.

soapy_handerton 8:36, reply

Tracy Barlow (Kate Lord) enjoying 'Half of A Yellow Sun', everyone's fave fictional account of the Biafran war. Yesterday on the West Coast train from The North to Euston.

(She chose the weekend first class upgrade and a snack box from my trolley etc)

drunken_boht 14:31, reply

Fackin nawty sleb spot

Danny Dyer spotted in Stratford John lewis yesterday, buying something from men's accessories. I couldn't make out what, but it wasn't underpants because that's the aisle I was in. He was incredibly loud, but very polite to the assistant who pointed him to the pay desk. IDNSHK.

spank_daley 8:14, reply

My sources tell me he purchased 5 large tubes of Anusol.

gettoff 23:45, reply

with love from columbia

and who signed the paperwork that gave the go to pilfer that half a billion boat load of gak? by jove there's no justice sometimes huh...

hack_daniels 14:52, reply

Dear me

That last mail out was truly fucking shite. Dismal. Give up now. Close the whole thing down. Popbitch was something 10 years ago. It's over. Move on.

muzar 22:26, reply

Nice try, Peter Thiel.

deep_stoat 18:40, reply

Surely you mean

Nick Denton?

mike_hunt 20:13, reply

__________ 23:45, reply

roger_mycock 6:14, reply

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