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The bizarre story of Orion, the masked man whose voice made people believe Elvis was still alive. [link]

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New C4 ad shows they're either a) unaware of recent news stories and therefore cunts or

b) aware of recent news events and think they'll chose an image that will prove how edgy they are, therefore marking them out as cunts.

C4 - officially full of cunts.

deep_stoat 12:47, reply

Station-wide ad, not C4 News.

And the plane disappeared *six weeks ago*.

My favourite over-sensitivity to news events is still the Proms cancelling in the week after Diana's death the John Adams piece 'A Short Ride in a Fast Machine'. Proms organisers tried to make amends though, programming it again four years later (September 2001).

hack_daniels 15:32, reply

I know it's not the news, and the ad has been up for a while.

I'm questioning why they would chose to use such an image, it's got nothing to do with what it's advertising and seems more directed at proving how edgy they are. Which, with C4, wouldn't be surprising in the least. At had to deal with more tedious cunts there than anywhere else (actually that's not entirely true, it's probably the BBC but that's just the amount of people you have to deal with naturally upping the cunt quota).

deep_stoat 15:53, reply

'Such an image'

Take care with that nosegay, milady. xx

They simply chose it because we in this country are so good at television.

hack_daniels 16:02, reply

Can you please stop bickering?

It's particularly disturbing as you are obviously the same person using different logins.

sharon_tate_modern 9:06, reply

There's no-one else on this board apart from Hack Daniels poster,

it's a bizarre expression of his chronic multiple personality disorder.

plasticflamingo 9:34, reply

Leave it, Hack.

gravelly_hills_cop 11:29, reply

Everyone is either Victor Lewis Smith or Julie Burchill.

And given how they look now I think they may even be the same person.

deep_stoat 11:36, reply

*wanders in*

I'm actually Charlie Brooker.

*wanders back out again*

roger_mycock 14:26, reply

Meanwhile at the BBC

Someone is craving a little bit of recognition

Nothing to do of course with a cast member being an octopus-fingered letch and trying it on with anyone with a clitoris and a pulse. But it would be catty of me to say any more.

bad_horsey 15:42, reply

You'd also be well advised not contracting Craig Charles for early starts

And avoid picking up his bar bill at the hotel, the night before

fayekorgazm 16:50, reply

What's a


spank_daley 16:02, reply

It's a bit like a bean

Interesting fact: the Swedish word for girl is 'flicka'. Snigger snigger.

bad_horsey 16:13, reply

flikker is a dutch derogatory term for gayer.

edmor 19:26, reply

"My Friend Flicka"

was a real disappointment for many young Dutch men.

rogermoore 19:28, reply

Octopus fingered?

Some of these blind items are overfiendishly difficult.

hack_daniels 16:06, reply

Sauna antics

Neither P nor B but amusing. Canny visitors to Saunas in public baths have frequently smuggled in bags of ice to wrap around the thermostat and thus raise the temperature to proper Scandinavian levels. This was recently brought to the attention of the staff at a leisure centre in Lewisham. When they investigated however, they found two men doing something a little bit unexpected.

Namely, cooking chicken breasts on the sauna's heater.

bad_horsey 9:50, reply

Press conference at five cancelled..

spank_daley 7:54, reply

Giggs to take over the first team

He has plenty of experience of playing both home and away, of course. And away, even when he's at home.

plasticflamingo 10:59, reply

I believe Giggs taking over at United

takes the number of Premier League managers with past or present superinjunctions to a new record level, after-

The rest of this post has been deleted on legal advice.

thebestnameshavegone 9:35, reply

It is odd that after a brief flurry of interest and

speculation no-one seems too interested in which might be the club 'which cannot be named for legal reasons'...

I can't even think what the legal reasons might be, but that's because I have a stunted imagination.

sharon_tate_modern 12:45, reply

Moyes to take up new role in UKIP

As resident expert to getting out of Europe

bad_horsey 11:14, reply

Now the most exciting part of the season - not the first place or relegation issues

its "the avoid the Europa Cup by losing the most matches" to avoid 5th and 6th place. Get ready for the most unusual (and profitable) betting opportunities for years. Moyes was fighting to keep his job - that was what the Glasers were most frightened of.

powermaster 11:32, reply

Coca Cola TRUFAX

Coke owns the domain And And every one after that, up to 'a' followed by sixty-two 'h's.

Because sixty-three would just be silly.

bad_horsey 15:19, reply

George Alagiah has 1 problem

edmor 13:00, reply

Game of Thrones bitch - Nikolaj Coster Waldu (Jamie Lannister) is popular with everyone

always friendly to cast, crew and extras, cycling round the set, while everyone hates Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell) as she's a right bitch.

deep_stoat 17:56, reply

Yes Natalie can be a little 'challenging'

to work with..When asked to approve a number of photos from a shoot, the response was that she didn't like any of them. Unfortunately someone *cough* (who was too pressed for time to organise a reshoot) had already sent them out..whoops! Still, she did run the marathon last weekend so genuine round of applause and all that.

intheissynoho 11:15, reply

Will this make the mailout?

Not cool anymore.

Went from 10,000 to 900,000 views last night

www.youtub ... r-0ulGgcHc

debord23 6:25, reply

Meanwhile, this 19 year old bell end obviously hopes to get a stack of free PR by making a film where lots of people get murdered

and calling it Hunger Ford. Oooh, the outrage, oh the tired, predictable cunts.

deep_stoat 10:25, reply


I hope he can hear Mike Ryan about this

mrsix 12:19, reply

900000, you say?

beefsharky 9:47, reply

It's all going on in Falmouth

deep_stoat 12:14, reply

does that mean you can 'unsee' it?

i whizzed it on to the end to see if it got shot or something, but it didn't. disappointing.

__________ 10:42, reply

thank you, I had not found this 'The Youtube' before.

do you have any other new edgy websites full of things you find hilarious? I'm sure we're all dying to know.

mrsix 7:59, reply

Well, if you want a cutting-edge website, according to the NYT this is it. 50,000 invisible people can't be wrong, after all...

plasticflamingo 8:27, reply

So Lily Allen's hideously named forthcoming album is dedicated to Amy Winehouse.

Is this the same Lily who revelled in bitching about Amy being a skaghead?

cerealrapist 16:59, reply

Duck Butter

There was a scene in the US remake of The Office where they all go back to a hotel room and the UV mood lighting shows up a number of stains on the bedsheets.

It turns out that some of those stains were genuine.

bad_horsey 9:15, reply

Someone just got fired from US Airways

qm 6:01, reply

Here's another cunt swallowing an airliner

humphrey_plugg 16:57, reply

(sorry, been in meetings)

spank_daley 16:33, reply


deep_stoat 16:43, reply

Cunts on a plane

deep_stoat 17:23, reply

"The plane was a cunt"

majicman 20:53, reply

Sometimes, just sometimes, it's a good thing

trellis 22:30, reply


__________ 11:26, reply

Seems I missed that episode of Mr Bean.

plasticflamingo 6:34, reply

Gash landing?

I'll get my coat

ghostofsavile 16:16, reply

So that's what happened to the Malaysian airliner.

I knew it.

deep_stoat 11:53, reply

*misses minky (unlike flight MH370)*

mrsix 11:59, reply

She didn't get past the check-in desk

deep_stoat 12:16, reply

has the fat mess on the left had half his arm sliced off?

possibly as a mid-flight snack for the other one.

__________ 13:52, reply

Yeah, I hate fat people too. Cunts. Turn them into jumbo soap.

isittheshoes 0:25, reply

It's probable. The other one has 'form'

qm 16:20, reply

That's what I call a cockpit.

pip_pop 8:39, reply

'Naked Yoga Takes Off'...

plasticflamingo 10:15, reply

7zark7 20:39, reply

deep_stoat 14:13, reply

Did you know that there's

"a community of contributors- numbering about 50,000- who gather on online message boards and in real life"? You hum it- and I'll play it

qm 16:30, reply

49000 lurkers

997 are hack daniels; you, me and spank.

deep_stoat 21:32, reply

*immediately complains*

mr_david 7:33, reply


"998 are hack daniels; you, me and spank"

mrsix 7:59, reply

Trying to shift a harpsichord on ebay but not getting any takers?

It's easy - Everything will sell better wit a blonde advertising it. Even if she does seem a little wooden.

deep_stoat 12:24, reply

His lawyer seems very obliging.

albert_steptoes_horse 15:23, reply

Welcome to Northampton

qm 16:37, reply

Same thing in Hastings but in print

dawnsyndrome 12:56, reply

When the Prosecutor.....

...actually brought up the rapper's criminal history (the real Fox headline), was he fuddle duddling with his whoops-a-daisy?

majicman 16:33, reply

i went to the oasis exhibition launch in LONDON

despite it being around 100 degrees fahrenheit in there, liam had a big stupid parka on. he seems to have quite nice skin though. his brother paul was wandering about being a dick. also there were the macabees, some horrors and an mgmt, although i didn't actually recognise any of them to be honest.

__________ 10:40, reply

Paul Gallagher being a dick? I've never heard the like.

He was always so quiet and unassuming. Although for me the worst rock sibling wanker award will always go to Alex Nightingale, son of Annie and manager of Primal Scream, who is a fucking bellend of the very highest order.

deep_stoat 11:13, reply

There needs to be more Chinese characters in soaps....

Says the MP for Harrow. I mean you couldn't make it up.

fo_shizzle 10:49, reply

It's poritical collectness gone mad

spank_daley 11:03, reply


touchmyspastic 13:12, reply

deep_stoat 13:38, reply


mrsix 11:29, reply

Pop! A bitch and Joan Jett

edmor 9:44, reply

It's the first time ever I've inserted a sausage anywhere

so thank you for the constructive feedback.

edmor 19:44, reply

So you claims

spank_daley 12:00, reply

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