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Jonathan Ross

Arguing with people at Fox UK about the X-Men comics that the new TV show Legion are based on. He insisting the character was from the New Mutants comics in the 1980s, them insisting it was a more recent character from the X-Men titles. Jonathan, of course, being right.

richjohnston 16:34, reply


sausagesandplantsandgoldfish 11:36, reply

Comic book guy


pink_oboe 14:00, reply

Worst. Thread. Evah.

roger_mycock 19:08, reply

Jonathan Ross is 56.

deep_stoat 11:19, reply

Really ? I thought he was older ?

Oh, that guy, famous in the 80's, now spends his time lurking around numerous 20 something comedians in the delusion he's some comedic Svengali ?

fayekorgazm 14:49, reply

I bet he's ranked every X-Man before, in his head.

curlywurly 11:51, reply

I read that as 'wanked'...

philanderer 17:18, reply


mr_david 17:52, reply


humphrey_plugg 15:52, reply

"Prince William's cock gives nostalgic twitch"

kitkat 2:50, reply


deep_stoat 16:41, reply

Exit girl

sausagesandplantsandgoldfish 8:18, reply

*takes it down a notch*

mr_david 16:11, reply

Press conference 5pm

jove22 15:54, reply

ref: mailout

1.) Both Bernie Ecclestone and a well known rubber faced comedian/car enthusiast are both huge fans of the fax.

2.) All these rappers shouldn't be living in Ramsgate. Any fule kno that Margate is the new Whitstable.

roger_mycock 7:47, reply

"Rubber faced comedian"

=Phil Cool or Jim Carey?

hack_daniels 19:48, reply

George Carey is a former Archbishop of Canterbury

So might just be living on the Kent coast. Jim Carrey is arguably the better comedian.

philanderer 20:03, reply

Janet Fielding lives in Ramsgate too, and Tim Spall's boat is moored up at the harbour

Didn't hear him swearing at seagulls last time I was there so presume he wasn't on board at the time.

agnetha 13:28, reply

Janet Fielding was Paul McGann's agent

She insisted he turn down the role of Dr Who as it wasn't empowering to women. She wanted Amanda Burton to be the Doctor.

fayekorgazm 14:27, reply

Chris Barrie

Chris Barrie refuses to travel by aeroplane, so will not be joining the cast of Red Dwarf on a comic con tour in Australia that starts this week.

barry 20:56, reply

But isn't his hobby restoring old

Car and aircraft engines ? Seems a very misguided pastime, if that's the case.

Whoopie Goldberg shares a similar trait. (Avoiding Planes, not repairing heavy duty machinery).

fayekorgazm 11:41, reply

I ain't getting on no plane, fool!

plasticflamingo 12:42, reply

hack_daniels 12:37, reply

I hate Idris Elba

deep_stoat 14:10, reply

Wait: that's NOT Will Smith?

plasticflamingo 11:56, reply

It's Eddie Murphy or Morgan Freedman

catbox 17:25, reply


hack_daniels 7:31, reply

Wait: that's NOT Will Smith?

plasticflamingo 11:56, reply

Wait: that's NOT Will Smith?

plasticflamingo 11:56, reply

Agreed. Voice isn't deep enough.

philanderer 17:46, reply


Those hoping a further series of Sherlock is going to be filmed, will be pleased to hear that some filming is currently taking place in Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Doors on a number of vehicles had paper notices stuck on them with the words: "Watson" and "Moriarty" and "Holmes".

So, unless it is an unlikely meeting of the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, The 'Eastend gangster' actor and the former heavyweight boxing champion of the world who are filming a documentary on Sir John Soanes Museum I think it is safe to say the fifth series of Sherlock is in production.

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 14:55, reply

A bit of simple deduction

would reveal it's not a fifth series of Sherlock, but in fact the new Will Ferrell big-screen comedy. It's been filming round there for a few weeks now with John C Reilly as Watson.

cheers 17:12, reply

Those hoping for a further series of Sherlock

need to have a serious fucking word with themselves.

deep_stoat 15:11, reply

Emlyn Hughes's ashes have been, well, gathering dust in a Sheffield funeral parlour since he died in 2004

Every Christmas they get him out and he turns on their Christmas tree lights.

twattybanjo 1:23, reply

One day he'll be replaced by Alan Hansen.

kitkat 14:28, reply

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