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Are you gonna grow my way?

arseface 19:13, reply

he should put tiny sunglasses on it

to make a replica 'gail ann dorsey' figurine.

__________ 21:09, reply

I wish that police officer

at the Edward Heath press conference and the 5 Live journos would stop saying "..police are determined to get to the bottom of it."

mike_hunt 23:18, reply

Now- then Now - then

rogermoore 6:43, reply

fo_shizzle 6:05, reply

__________ 17:44, reply

Tell us something we don't know.

roger_mycock 12:37, reply

OK, she's a 'would'.

deep_stoat 15:59, reply


Did you mean to post that comment under Cilla?

soapy_handerton 16:34, reply

Stoaty's taste is surely rather better than Savile's...

though Cilla was really a little old for Sir Jingle-Jangle by 1964.

philanderer 19:15, reply

Surprise Surprise

*awaits the floodgates to open*

mrsix 11:47, reply

deep_stoat 14:35, reply

All this fuss about her in the media is incredible

Can you imagine how bonkers they are going to go when Sonia pops her clogs?

roger_mycock 6:30, reply

You've Lost That Livin' Feelin'

humphrey_plugg 10:55, reply

I thought she'd wait until Dionne Warwick died,

then die in almost exactly the same way three weeks later.

hack_daniels 6:37, reply

As we speak the Liverpudlian Collective Hive Mind (Victimhood Section) is already casting around for someone to blame

"It war dem fuch'n Spanish. Dey killed ar Cilla."

humphrey_plugg 14:50, reply

I think a lot of them there scousers went off her quite a bit

when she came out as fan of The Thatcher. Plus she never did nothin' for the Hillsborough campaign either.

roger_mycock 14:03, reply

Broadcaster Noel Edmonds told BBC Radio 5 Live she "captured the hearts of the British people" because "she was our Cilla - there were no airs and graces."

...He probably met her briefly ?

For me she the vilest turn we ever had to employ. Regularly storming off because her whimsical demands were not met. Demanded cash (this was the 70's). Treated staff like dirt. I always make it my duty not to speak ill of the dead but I'll make exceptions for her.

fayekorgazm 14:01, reply

Broadcaster Noel Edmonds

should fuck off.

mike_lush 11:20, reply

Good news for everyone then but especially for you.

Rumour is that the made up, false tension, happy clappy, guessing game that is Deal Or No Deal is not going to be re-commissioned. So hopefully the bearded, planning officer hating, little troll will be fucking off to Devon shortly.

roger_mycock 13:59, reply


Mate of mine is one of the cameramen he told me the show is done, but they have enough episodes in the can to last till next year and they've already recorded the festive Special.

warlord 14:47, reply

Won't be any booze available on her return flight, the stewardesses will have inhaled it all in her "memory"

halfmanhalfninja 13:15, reply

Cilla was a security nightmare...

According to a friend who worked on her security team in the 'Blind Date' and 'Surprise Surprise' eras, she constantly stopped to talk to people, then usually got close and hugged them. Nothing ever went to plan with Cilla. A carefully organised half hour hotel-to-studio journey usually took an hour and a half.

philanderer 10:15, reply

Doesn't sound like Cilla.

Once she'd got into the car - and she'd send it away if it was the wrong model of Merc she'd demanded - the studio would be on alert and a lift in reception out of bounds for anyone for at least 15 minutes prior to her ETA. She'd then sweep in, straight up to her dressing room and over to the fridge to check it was stocked with pink champagne.

intheissynoho 11:09, reply


I was taken aback too, on the basis of other information I've read about La Black's diva-like behaviour. However, although my friend was a member of Cilla's team, I don't think she's peddling a party line, claiming she had 'happy memories of working with such a beautiful lady'. No accounting for taste.

philanderer 11:39, reply

Sometimes a logo can be hilarious

A certain glossy magazine anounced this news on Twitter thusly:

"Cilla Black has died aged 72" alongside a big graphic of their cheery logo "OK!"

Apologies for not knowing dark arts. It's funny when you see it.

mercyme 12:37, reply

mike_hunt 12:42, reply

mrsix 12:36, reply

She cilla than she's ever been.

mike_hunt 12:30, reply

Step Inside (the undertakers)

mister_groping 12:20, reply

My Granddad was her milkman and used to regularly deliver extras to her.

This stopped when he was due to give his special delivery and Des OConnor had taken his place.

indiana 12:00, reply

Not doubting your Grandad but I'm surprised (surprised) at that.

Her attitude towards who she considered to be 'underlings' was well documented. There will be an army of airline workers especially who will be cracking open the Chardonnay this afternoon.

roger_mycock 12:13, reply

My Granddad was a wanna be gangster. With Cilla, The Sun and half the Met at a recent funeral's a part of my family which makes finding out I'm related to Tulisa no surprise. An aside, her new found half brothers/brother is in nick for one of the UKs biggest cocaine busts. She's done well to keep that one out of the press...

indiana 13:23, reply

Did you get rid of that campervan in the end?

stan2a10shun 0:16, reply

she's gone tits up

__________ 11:52, reply

Anyone who had a heart.....attack

kerching 12:06, reply

Shane MacGowan's penis when erect is supposedly 9 inches.

It is probably a long time since that has happened. I have not seen his cock.

cerealrapist 11:35, reply

I would never have predicted that the day would come when Cilla Black

would overshadow Shane McGowan's penis.

humphrey_plugg 15:24, reply

upside of the Calais crisis

All the border staff are 100% focussed on the migrants right now, so if you wanted to bring back flickknifes and porno playing cards, now's your chance.

Someone rode their pushbike off the white cliffs last week and it didn't even make the local news, because everyone's only thinking about operation stack.

In other news from the region they're filming a Most Haunted at the recently reopened Fan Bay deep shelter on the cliffs soon, the shameless bastards.

pauly 14:10, reply

Ah yes - flick knives and porno playing cards... *Proustian rush*

Conversely, it's popularly believed in Canterbury that Fart Spray and Silly String are completely unavailable in La Belle France, such is the mania for these items amongst juvenile Gallic day-trippers.

hack_daniels 15:50, reply

i was in kos last week

i actually did bring back some porno playing cards.

__________ 1:30, reply

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