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Is it too late

to put the United Kingdom on the deathlist?

curlywurly 6:13, reply


billybookcase 9:30, reply

(Not just) 6 foot deep

curlywurly 20:38, reply

amazing ghost video

not very topical but

The Young Ones 5th housemate, I am enjoying this. Thanks to

pauly 22:59, reply

David Beckham encouraged the UK to vote remain...

... but on the day of the big vote he's posting selfies from Paris. I am sure he used the postal voting system and in no way just jumped on the EURef bandwagon for a bit of PR. EDIT: It was basketball star Dwayne Wade who just posted a pic of him and Beckham and Victor Cruz in Paris today. They went to the Louis Vuitton show.

7zark7 11:46, reply

He was back in London and at the Palace

(Buckingham not Crystal) by the afternoon. Not 100% sure he can spell 'X' though so his paper may be spoiled?

soapy_handerton 19:47, reply

Victoria probably just pointed to the "remain" box and told him to put his signature there.

bubastis 6:52, reply

Oh. I have walked past some famous people lately....

Tomasz Schafernaker wearing patent leather shoes (rolls eyes). Ulrika. She looked fucking great. That Welsh bird from the One Show. She had purchased a pot of pineapple chunks. Fasci-fucking-nating, no?

7zark7 11:51, reply

Oi? What did I do?

fascifuckinating 10:58, reply

I thought Schafernaker was gay, but still in the closet

though he did appear in 'Attitude Active' a few years ago. Of course, nothing in sec-poster's comment definitively indicates that Schafer's ex is female.

philanderer 13:05, reply

Looked great?

soapy_handerton 19:50, reply

Live from the Galapagos...

dawnsyndrome 14:09, reply

Look, I was surprised as anyone... but can't lie.

7zark7 8:42, reply

philanderer 6:32, reply

majicman 10:46, reply

Also spotted - Warrick Davis walking up the North End rd.

He's shorter than you'd imagine.

deep_stoat 10:10, reply

Adrian Chiles striding down Chiswick High Rd.

dressed in khaki shorts like Bear-Fucking-Grylls or something. Also, that bloke who does art documentaries on BBC4, you know, that one about statue cocks.

mr_david 10:45, reply

Chekov re-enacts Brian Harvey's career high

Only without the baked potatoes. And more actual dying.

mr_david 9:25, reply

Christopher Pike: Is the parking brake on?

Hikaru Sulu: Uh, no.

curlywurly 6:05, reply

Morale of the story

If you're an actor in the Star Trek franchise, make sure you don't park your car if you're wearing a red shirt.

roger_mycock 17:36, reply

via thegingerprince poster

Murdock London- Barbers and male grooming retailers- tweeted today- rather unfortunately;

"Our #MCM this week could only be Anton Yelchin who sadly passed away this weekend #rip #mancrushmonday #MurdockMan"

trellis 16:58, reply

see now I'm doing it too

mr_david 9:26, reply

A race between him and Meat Loaf

agnetha 8:08, reply

The only race that fat cunt could ever win

But he won't do that.

spank_daley 10:58, reply

Like a bat out of hell

He'll be gone when the morning comes..

mike_hunt 10:10, reply

Doubt it

He dated Susannah Fielding for years and she is 'a bit of a sort'. Fantastic in depth set of articles borderline stalking tumblr notes on TSwift and her bearding here Worth a read if you have hours to spend on the bizarrely protected personal life of inconsequential gawky emu looking singer.

soapy_handerton 14:19, reply

Bearding requires only one gay, but it takes two publicity-hunters.

bubastis 19:11, reply

That being said,

it would be great for the LGBTQ community if Taylor Swift were to come out. With her millions of fans, I'm sure it would be a powerful step in normalising gay relationships to people at large. Perhaps Taylor could release a video, just explaining the situation about her sexuality, sitting by herself on a sofa and chatting to the viewer. Or, perhaps, a video with Karlie Kloss, them talking together about it. Perhaps with a kiss at the end. Or start with the kiss, so people know what the video's about before Taylor and Karlie start talking about sexuality and coming-out, and all Taylor's worries about what that might mean for her career. Or, perhaps, the kiss itself is enough to say what Taylor intends to convey. With tongue obviously, so people know it's sincere. Perhaps even a bit of fingering. And some nipple-biting, and then a hammer-and-tongs full on lick-shesh. I'm getting off topic here, but what I mean to say is, I've got a camera on my phone, the battery's nearly charged and I've not got much on at the moment. Taylor - my login at gmail.

bubastis 15:25, reply

Getting off...

Never mind off topic. Can you write almost-out 'too-crazy-for men' Cara Delevingne, plus 'dykey-when-it-suits-them' Rihanna and Miley Cyrus into your fantasy scenario, please? I'd be happy to help crowdfund that film...

philanderer 15:48, reply

Is it generally known that

Mick Jagger wears a syrup and is in fact bald?

mercyme 22:31, reply

pics or it didn't happen

onthehushhush 8:22, reply

deep_stoat 20:41, reply

Oh god, you wouldn't know where to look

pink_oboe 14:17, reply

At the pillow, I'd imagine.

deep_stoat 15:50, reply

Strangely, no coverage of this story in the Sun.

It's almost as though the Murdochs and the Freuds are connected.

stoneageromeo 6:12, reply

On the run since the 70s was Mr Freud.

mysterme 16:05, reply

*buzzes for deviation*

trellis 22:34, reply

Bravo. Lovely x. Arf.

fayekorgazm 19:52, reply

angry_anteater 8:34, reply

New Jamiroquai

There is a new Jamiroquai album in the works. According to my source, JK still wears a hat and his behaviour is as expected. The music? Like his older stuff. But worse.

pyewakt 11:50, reply

latest dead paedophile outed......

Broadcaster, politician (and father of Matthew and Emma) Sir Clement Freud

uncle_whuppity 21:28, reply

I read that as "orifice"

Actually, to be honest, I didn't at all. I can read.

__________ 19:20, reply

I worked with Freud a number of times

Apart from a pleasant conversation on the merits of Doncaster racecourse he was usually very rude, impatient and not very nice. Not popular within the office at all, though Lucian was worse. Can't say I ever noticed any paedo tendencies however, though saying that most of the people I worked with were about 80 so maybe he wasn't interested in them.

agnetha 12:05, reply

Clement and Lucian didn't talk to one another for decades

no one was exactly sure why, but it was thought it was because of an argument over a bet

uncle_whuppity 15:53, reply

A Friend of mine runs a restaurant of some repute in Dublin

Widely acknowledged to be rather good, even by some of the more ascerbic food critics of our time. Clement Freud one came for lunch and was such a Copper-bottomed Cunt that he was asked to leave before he'd received any food.

basking_trout 13:17, reply

Speaking of dead politicos: It puzzles me...

...that Sweaty combover still hasn't been exposed even though he's been dead a while.

lanista 21:38, reply

stoneageromeo 8:58, reply

Clark married his wife when she was 16

and the closet Nazi had been "seeing her" for some considerable time before that

uncle_whuppity 17:03, reply

The Blessed John Peel

married his first wife when she was 15, had a well-publicised relationship that resulted in the pregnancy of another under-age girl, and admitted to a penchant for schoolgirls. Astonishing what one can choose to ignore in someone lauded as a musical hero.

philanderer 13:15, reply

I know.....

he also did a photo-shoot in 'Sounds' music mag with him in his underpants surrounded by models dressed as school-girls, it wasn't like he made a secret of it.

He married his 15 year old first wife in Texas, such marriages were quite common in the deep south (see Jerry Lee Lewis).

uncle_whuppity 17:24, reply


(Insert Name Of Famous Dead Person) was a paedo.

It's a good job no famous living people are child abusers innit?

uncle_whuppity 4:36, reply

New Darkness

Well, hopefully not. But Justin Hawkins has been reunited with his cat, Cully, after it went missing for three years. How the cat feels about its return remains unconfirmed.

__________ 15:46, reply

New Roses

drunken_boht 13:41, reply

__________ 0:45, reply

I know some people will say that music is really cool...

... but it just sounds like the soundtrack to Fingerbobs.

7zark7 5:38, reply

The Vulture.

Always the Vulture.

gordonsalive 15:32, reply

Maybe includes a duet wiith Gary Glitter

About them being custard cousins thanks to Van Outen?

basking_trout 12:20, reply

Hmm... she was a little old for him,

but the photograph clearly demonstrates that there was at least a passing acquaintance, however strenuous the denial of a 'relationship'.

philanderer 17:43, reply

Spare a thought for Liza Tarbuck, Mark Gatiss and Cheryl Cole.

pip_pop 14:24, reply

That's not Gatiss,

That's Lauren Harries in a dark wig

pink_oboe 8:47, reply


soapy_handerton 12:04, reply

Her oral skills are renowned

trellis 13:47, reply

soapy_handerton 4:57, reply

We back discussing JK here?

Who, despite his musical deficiencies, is allegedly about the same dimensions as that cucumber. It may also be of interest that back in the day, Denise boasted to the Daily Mirror that her 'sex secrets' included screwing in her panto costume as Alice Fitzwarren in (aptly) Dick Whittington. An exhaustive search of the internet hasn't yet yielded photos of her in said costume, nor the identity of the other protagonist.

philanderer 17:39, reply

I thought you meant Jonathan King there

blah blah more stuff etc

mr_david 11:23, reply

Worse you say?

That's quite an achievement

pink_oboe 8:33, reply

The Daily Heil

Is keen on printing photos of Jay looking 'old and portly'. Might be trying out for Chris Evan's tv job?

soapy_handerton 19:51, reply

He spelt 'angles' wrong

mr_david 12:38, reply

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