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A certain UK female singer's Adderall addiction is getting out of control.

Still, it helped shift that weight.

cerealrapist 11:25, reply

jesus christ, enough’s enough already

can everyone please STOP posting ‘gossip’ about celebrity big brother???

__________ 19:31, reply

OKAY Danan update time

Paul needs to stop putting his own phone number on his drama group's Facebook page. Overheard on the train: "Nah mate, it's just another text calling me a bell end"

soapy_handerton 21:30, reply

Eastenders theme bar opens in Folkestone

"Simon From Eastenders" is bringing a bit of london to folkestone opening a bar. At previous pubs he's been quoted as saying "a few of the eastenders lot want to come down" here and here, though not here, I am still searching for more). But not this time, even made up people have some standards.

Oh no, am devastated that Cliff Richards might be caught up in some nasty business, I never saw that one coming.

Aha possibly "Simon From Eastenders" was possibly an extra mostly here he does not have a character name but he must have been a named character in an Eastenders once. My wife's hairdresser is an extra, he got a named part in "The Tunnel". But then they cut his part (ouch).

pauly 13:23, reply

drunken_boht 15:28, reply

pink_oboe 9:38, reply

that's a baked potato he's got in there

__________ 10:34, reply

he's just covering up the scars.

mrsix 10:55, reply

scars all round

car_snow_gin 11:33, reply

funnily enough, JFK had a similar thing to that nose happen to him too

except with him it was the whole back of his head.

__________ 19:18, reply

Cocktails there are horrible

I had to force mine down.

downtownmanagua 7:22, reply

It's Friday:

Lost in Asda, a little girl goes crying to the security guard.

"Calm down, little girl, it’s OK. Just tell me – what’s your mum like?"

"Big cocks and vodka."

curlywurly 16:13, reply

We still discussing Eastenders?

Jessica Taylforth is a bit old to be crying in Asda, surely...

philanderer 18:37, reply

I wonder if she ever met

Jeremy Savile?

soapy_handerton 0:24, reply

and in more Eastenders and bar historical news...

BITD Martina Mccutcheons father was the window cleaner at 36 Portland Place London. He arrived after lunch, drunk and then fell out of the window while cleaning (very eastenders thing to do). Broke his arm and went to hospital for a scan. Tried to sue the employers for damages. The employers....the British Institute of Radiology.

powermaster 13:40, reply

yours is better connected to eastenders than mine

I can find no mention if this guy being in eastenders apart from in his own press releases. it's the front page of our local paper though. 404

He's shocked and saddened by the death of robin williams though so he must be alright

pauly 13:55, reply

And Martine's muvver...

… ran the quite scary Railway Tavern in Bethnal Green when I lived nearby. An excellent selection of alcoholics always available.

zygmunt 13:48, reply

Sad day when that pub closed

They flocked there to say goodbye. www.facebo ... 772253567/

johnfuego 14:46, reply

Heh, heh, heh, etc ...

stan2a10shun 15:11, reply

Pat's cumface is beautiful...

dawnsyndrome 8:59, reply

drunken_boht 14:39, reply

Aprospos of nothing at all, I remember

someone on here, years ago, saying that a certain unmarried pop star who had been stopped by the cops for doing something fruity with a young gentleman. This was back in the 70s.

tamara_bumpdeeay 14:03, reply


how could you when the Interwebs hadn't been invented in the 70s?

mrsix 13:33, reply

I like how the "view gallery" caption is right across his eyes, just like you'd see on the picture of a sex-offender.

angry_anteater 13:38, reply

mad conspiracy connections

This wikipedia article says Barry George was resident at a school in Sunningdale (and cites this guardian article). That ties up all the loose ends for me, definitely.

Don't google cliff richards, you'll be stuck there all day.

pauly 15:01, reply

rogermoore 15:52, reply

Rich Johnson poster?

deep_stoat 23:09, reply

no outing!

pauly 17:16, reply

Get em while they're hot

veidgegiple 14:33, reply

"historic impropriety"

Cliff might have phrased that a little better.

rogermoore 14:14, reply

I think he's lovely...

And I like his little dog too...

dawnsyndrome 8:52, reply

Best ET reenactment ever.

deep_stoat 9:48, reply

And this time the dog isn't ET.

dawnsyndrome 11:03, reply

See, he actually does now look like that bloke

off of Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

spank_daley 11:25, reply

looks more like Ian Botham.

albert_steptoes_horse 14:42, reply

Looks like one of Joanies cast-offs to me

fayekorgazm 10:52, reply

philanderer 8:45, reply

pink_oboe 13:55, reply

stoneageromeo 13:09, reply

pink_oboe 8:43, reply

+ =

spank_daley 9:00, reply

rogermoore 14:38, reply

dawnsyndrome 9:18, reply

__________ 17:28, reply


mrsix 10:47, reply

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