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Max Gogarty

Nope - but I see that the former PB favourite has grown up since his travelogue days. He's now co-directed a fillum about Chemsex.

kunani 9:07, reply

Speeding on the Needlebliss.

hack_daniels 9:56, reply

I used to love PM Dawn

bodneyrewes 8:07, reply

I've always loved PB Dawn

spank_daley 15:11, reply

She's our tumpsey of hearts

deep_stoat 15:30, reply

Brooks Spooks

Now that the Ginger Ninja is back at the Mini Shard she has made a big show of patrolling her domain being loud and 'fun' - read rude and sarcastic. Funnily enough never alone though.

She's always accompanied by a large threatening bodyguard ready to rush her back to her week-proof-living panic room office.

You may think this is sensible in a post Charlie Hebdo world.

In reality it's widely acknowledged it's in case a member of staff 'Goes Postal' and try to take darling 'ginge' out as she is loathed so much.

raymondmarble 14:18, reply

Where did your excellent MailBitch go?

gordonsalive 13:12, reply

"Fuck knows."

sharon_tate_modern 11:49, reply


plasticflamingo 14:59, reply

The curse of Duffy.

Apart from the obvious hex on her singing career - seemingly brought about by her participation in that Coke advert (riding a bike without lights garnered 22 complaints back in 2009:, she escaped her house burning down in 2012 (, and now her old house in Barnes has fallen over: It's a Mercy no one was hurt.

To think she could have been bigger than Adele.

sharon_tate_modern 10:30, reply

In news about other Welsh birds who have had a lot of cock:

Seems like Alex Jones is being pushed hard for one of the (still genuinely undecided) new Top Gear roles. "So, this is a car is it?"

soapy_handerton 19:48, reply

Saw her prepping for live broadcast of One Show from Carfest

Car crash in slow motion. A monkey in lipstick and a dress would have been better.

rogermoore 22:54, reply


fayekorgazm 16:30, reply

Who turns out to be top of the Momentum hit list to get labour MPs deselected?

Posh twat Tristram Hunt? Ineffective idiot Liz Kendall? No, step forward Stella Creasy. Apparently her woman of the people act is fooling no one and they want her head first.

Quick, get on Twitter and warn her.

deep_stoat 11:00, reply

here you go, stella

__________ 17:40, reply

Well, if you find that disgusting, and then express that disgust

in words of one syllable - you are a misogynist, my friend. Welcome to 2015AD, where words are completely meaningless.

sharon_tate_modern 10:20, reply

__________ 10:39, reply

Hey, Stoat -

the allusion in the headline up there eludes me: what's it about?

sharon_tate_modern 10:39, reply

Spotted, on the tube at Notting Hill, man of the people Michael Gove.

Off to see the Chelsea match, even though he's a QPR fan. No one punched him in the face, probably because he was with his young son.

deep_stoat 11:22, reply

And I thought he was Tottenham in disguise.

blessed_brian 11:28, reply

I saw Geoff Hoon on the Bakerloo line a while back...

... he is a definite would. Big, strong looking man in the flesh, with a cavernous chin dimple.

7zark7 20:22, reply

And a complete cunt

Most military-types who get Brenda's commission or warrant proudly display theirs in some sort of picture frame. Mine remains in a drawer, simply because that bastard's moniker is on it.

stan2a10shun 23:37, reply

Milton Jones on the northern line, he was carrying a large bag full of surreal jokes, body parts, money, or a combination of all three, or not. Seemed a nice chap though.

albert_steptoes_horse 12:10, reply

Showed you his ticket when requested then?

deep_stoat 12:58, reply

Showed a ticket? Are you one of the railway children? They've got electric trains these days and cuntless ticketing or something, suppose it's all gold plated helicopters where you live.

albert_steptoes_horse 15:02, reply

Mahogany actually


powermaster 16:50, reply

Jungle douche and X factor worker Brian Freedman

Was the choreographer and dancer in Windowlicker

soapy_handerton 16:32, reply

And RE stoaty's QOTD answer

Daphne and Celeste released a single a while ago that would probably have had some airplay if anyone else had released it

(you just need to put in the string of numbers, the v= bit, for a youtube link to work, otherwise it just leaves a white space)

soapy_handerton 12:02, reply

you've lost your damn mind

it's probably the worst thing i've ever heard.

__________ 17:36, reply

LOL yeah right - it's shit!

7zark7 9:54, reply

Alright, Sandi Thom- who asked you?

sharon_tate_modern 10:34, reply

The PB legal team

Will thank my repeated inability to post a video here correctly when I next get hammered and post those videos of me and Philip Schofield Charlie Sheen having fun

soapy_handerton 14:55, reply

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