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The Evening Standard today proclaims that Charli XCX's route to the top was "grittier than for most of her pop peers".

It must be another Charli XCX then that I know who was bankrolled by her not exactly cash strapped parents.

cerealrapist 17:45, reply

"Route to the top"...

... she's had one solo Top 10 single, rode on the coat-tails of a couple of other hits, and her last album peaked at No.85.

7zark7 8:21, reply

Happy Hallowe'en

rogermoore 18:34, reply

bonus popbitch mailout

I never expected a joke in the pb mailout that was ok to tell my 5 year old

pauly 10:15, reply


have dropped.

xanadu 2:35, reply

Just to clarify: that's your five year old child, right? Not the one I sent you that you keep under the stairs...

plasticflamingo 10:29, reply

which is the one you sent me again?

There's a good joke about having sex with 25 year olds that I got from popbitch but you probably can't tell it these days.

pauly 12:42, reply

That is in seriously poor taste

I hate it when people regift.

spank_daley 10:36, reply

a coffin?

jesus, who's earl falconer killed now?

__________ 19:29, reply

No one ever referred to the Hi-Lo as 'a breath of fresh air'.

They might have got a breath of fresh air when Andy chased them down the street with his machete.

deep_stoat 16:25, reply

Oh, Stuart, you're so edgyzzzzzzzzz........

plasticflamingo 16:24, reply

article just updated with the following:

* The name of our reviewer has been removed following abusive comments and threats. While we stand by our reviewer's honestly-held opinions we have a duty to protect our journalists from defamatory remarks and fear of attack."

And the poor chap's had to delete his twitter account too.

ha ha ha ha ha

neville_bartos 11:50, reply

Who knew UB40 fans could be so impassioned? Poor chap, it's not like he shot John Lennon. OR DID HE?!!!!

plasticflamingo 12:09, reply

Hey, his dreadfully named skiffle band

Plays 'home made banjos' so they're obviously nearly as kool as Bumford and Sons. Love his new word in that review though: a bizarre contraction of 'who are' to make who're.

soapy_handerton 21:32, reply

It's a valid contraction

Albeit one that's likely to trigger profanity filters with alacrity (cf. Scunthorpe)

bad_horsey 8:51, reply

Oh, Jolly Good...

For a moment there, I was going to predict a glorious future for Stuart writing free articles for The Huffington Post, whilst working as a data entry clerk and 'DJing' at the weekends...

plasticflamingo 10:36, reply

fret not...

The 'Baron' plays the Kazoo so career sorted.

neville_bartos 11:54, reply

They released a single on wax cylinder.

Fucking bunch of hipster cunts.

rogermoore 13:43, reply

ooh - what's happened here then?

horsespider 14:30, reply

Slow news week.

deep_stoat 15:09, reply

no kidding...

has everyone gone to mumsnet?

horsespider 15:28, reply

I was hoping to post some Dad's Army remake-related goss,

as they are filming in my town atm, but thus far there ain't none.

humphrey_plugg 15:49, reply

It's all going very well apparently

and looks great. How boring.

deep_stoat 16:51, reply

one giant step from the brains behind the Johnny English

and St Trinians films

thatevilwoman 8:54, reply

Yeah, nobody at all is talking about…

…that bloke who said that thing about another bloke two days ago that may actually be quite important. You'd think nobody was interested...

ulysses 15:40, reply

stan2a10shun 20:00, reply

I think so. I'm barred from there, and from the Skegness forum.

Bastards. Meanwhile, spotted in that Soho last night, Stephen Frears (being surprisingly jolly), Darren Boyd (tall) and Terry Gilliam (old) on Windmill street. It's all go round there.

deep_stoat 15:37, reply

Also spotted:

Late 90s tv wench Sarah Cawood. She's lost her looks but gained an absolutely lovely looking tot and is apparently on Radio Norwich nowadays.

soapy_handerton 21:22, reply

To be fair they were very easily lost.

deep_stoat 9:15, reply


pink_oboe 17:06, reply

plasticflamingo 10:58, reply

Also deaded:

Beady Eye.

soapy_handerton 20:21, reply

I love you.

dawnsyndrome 14:53, reply


__________ 14:34, reply


deep_stoat 14:11, reply


dawnsyndrome 16:53, reply


deep_stoat 11:04, reply


spank_daley 13:04, reply


deep_stoat 14:00, reply


spank_daley 14:33, reply


dynkydyke 17:49, reply


rogermoore 15:00, reply

I celebrated their A levels.

deep_stoat 15:10, reply

I'd have feckin decked him . Twat.

doa_kebab 12:56, reply

Don't expect a statement

From Chris Moyles on today's Grauniad hatchet job. He's absolutely loaded from paying very little tax on the last ten years earnings, and simply doesn't give a duck about working unless he thinks 'its going to be a laugh'.

soapy_handerton 17:47, reply


neville_bartos 18:07, reply

I'm not Moyles

I'm a journalist. Look, I'll prove it by writing a ludicrous article about how Lauren Laverne is totally charismatic and really good at presenting:

soapy_handerton 21:57, reply

thatevilwoman 9:51, reply

Hi Lauren

scat_man 23:37, reply


agnetha 11:23, reply

pink_oboe 12:00, reply

I never liked Motley Crue.

deep_stoat 12:20, reply

i never liked kajagoogoo

__________ 14:13, reply

philanderer 14:33, reply

he smells really nice

until you realise there's a whiff of old lady hairspray going on as well. see also: martin gore.

__________ 19:54, reply

Poor Pat Ven Den Hauwe

spank_daley 15:45, reply

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