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" Police in Brighton are searching for 39-year old Richard Blackwood"

"Blackwood is described as black, 5ft 10in, with short cropped hair and a moustache, and regularly wears expensive branded clothing"

pigcity 11:16, reply

Something something Gimme Gimme Gimme

*Uncle Junior's Jazz-funk hands*

spank_daley 13:37, reply

He was a hoot as that donkey, in Shrek, Drury Lane

Prior to exiting the theatre he would pretend he had an ever-so important phone call from his agent/America/Production office which he would make known, loudly, to the stage door jonnys. Shame sometimes the phone would ring, whilst he was "talking" to them. Idiot.

fayekorgazm 12:41, reply

he's still shitting into a sieve


thatevilwoman 11:30, reply

What an Ass.

mrsix 11:47, reply

Oh yes, we all loved his Bottom

mike_hunt 12:28, reply

mrsix 12:31, reply


thegingerprince 9:44, reply

Nobody has seen him for years

have they tried looking on those late nite Casino scam channels?

mrsix 11:28, reply

Who's the new paedo minister then?

teh_snitch 21:05, reply

Minster of Paedophiles?

Was this in the Queen's Speech? Is the problem that big?

arch_crippledick 10:55, reply

Take your pick, they all look a bit Yewtree to me.

mrsix 7:29, reply

and **** just does corpses these days

mrsix 8:31, reply

Does she?

deep_stoat 9:27, reply

Professor John Nash.

he's with the angles now

mrsix 0:12, reply

He was the Queen of all our Heart Curves.

plasticflamingo 7:33, reply


he'd have loved this.

thegingerprince 11:23, reply

He'd have loved a..

seat belt.

mike_hunt 11:43, reply

clunk clip every trip

soapy_handerton 20:38, reply

Well that's all my Christmas presents sorted out.

Thanks god I hate my family.

deep_stoat 17:27, reply

When police announced they were hunting for a violent psychopath from Didcot with a spder tattoo

I imagine half the county went into hiding.

deep_stoat 11:45, reply

I blame

the decline of the railways

pink_oboe 15:24, reply

I blame the jews.

If twitter's taught me anything it's that most things seem to be their fault.

deep_stoat 11:14, reply

Is he pointing a gun at the little retard's neck?

scat_man 8:34, reply

Chris Evans is Sooooo last year

mike_hunt 21:17, reply

I wonder if Toby Jones is

finally over the death of Anne Kirkbride

thatevilwoman 5:54, reply

married celeb affair??

Who is the married celeb in the daily mail that got the gag order after her affair with another married celeb??

peterborough123 15:38, reply

he's a 69-year-old man from Milton Keynes area ;-)

mrsix 12:11, reply

''Now listeners, I have someone on the line who fears he may be a gay. He’s married, so he wishes to remain anonymous. I shall only be using his Christian name. I’m talking to Domingo in Little Oakley. No? He’s gone. That’s a pity. Marvellous little tapas bar there.''

thatevilwoman 16:12, reply

Tap ass. Hur hur

touchmyspastic 19:30, reply


Now fuck off you cunt

kerching 19:25, reply

AN Other and Bigfoot?

thatevilwoman 17:13, reply

I think it's ***** **********.

deep_stoat 17:08, reply

It was at Manchester Crown Court

And the last time Manchester was involved it was her off **** shagging the bloke out of ****.

thebestnameshavegone 14:51, reply

Are you sure? I was told it was definitely *****.

Though they do look very alike.

deep_stoat 9:58, reply

You mean..?

mike_hunt 22:56, reply

The gaul of it!

mrsix 8:16, reply

The Gallic Gaul Gall gal of it!

thatevilwoman 9:28, reply


spank_daley 16:18, reply

I *heart* France Gall.

Meanwhile, this is Mareva Galanter, a French former beauty queen who does France Gall covers (amongst others). She's no newsreader but will do very nicely, thank you.

deep_stoat 12:57, reply


spank_daley 16:18, reply

when you wrote "she's no newsreader" did you mean

this French newsreader?

thatevilwoman 13:55, reply


spank_daley 16:18, reply

Is there any other?

deep_stoat 15:22, reply

How the hell is she a PB obsession

Christ her front two teeth are more off-center than Tom Cruise's.

soapy_handerton 22:16, reply

They fucking would be

eh? EH?

stan2a10shun 19:47, reply


deep_stoat 15:32, reply

now an actress

thatevilwoman 15:48, reply

Nope. Different woman.

The newsreader is Mélissa Theuriau whilst you've posted a picture of Louise Bourgoin-

rogermoore 16:51, reply

Bourguin was a

weather girl and news reader back in the 00s. But all this picture-posting won't help your eyesight

thatevilwoman 17:51, reply

*waits for picture of Betsy*

hack_daniels 17:46, reply

*pop* ah yeah

spank_daley 16:19, reply

Fat cow.

deep_stoat 16:09, reply

the gail of it!

__________ 10:35, reply

soapy_handerton 22:08, reply

I wish Chloe Madeley would stop these ridiculous selfies.

pip_pop 22:23, reply

the gay-hell of it

thatevilwoman 10:45, reply

Sleb Spot.

Tom Bailey, in Wandsworth. IDNSHim messing with Dr Dream.

dr_strangelove 9:39, reply

Gazza's just won 180000UKP compensation for phone hacking.

Let's hope they put it on one of those pre-pay cards that stops you buying booze and fags,

deep_stoat 9:46, reply

He'll be dead by Christmas

As will Trinity Mirror.

thebestnameshavegone 13:23, reply

and the NME....(as always)

neville_bartos 13:41, reply

Hanging on in

like a raped Indian Nurse in a coma

spank_daley 14:59, reply

"spankie boyle"

__________ 17:57, reply

brighton spot

kirk brandon, cycling on the pavement. he was wearing camouflage trousers with one leg rolled up and he was sitting on a saddle, rather than boy george's cock. no helmet.

__________ 16:15, reply

That's what Boy George promised as well.

deep_stoat 20:47, reply

__________ 6:38, reply

He lives in the Royal Patriotic building.

twattybanjo 13:46, reply

Was recently talking to someone who worked

on lots of 80s videos, and Thompson Twins were mentioned as one of the most difficult bands to work with - particularly on the anti-drugs Don't Mess with Dr Dream as they were completely off their faces.

intheissynoho 13:32, reply

When they were on Top Of The Pops with Frankie Goes To Hollywood...

… Holly Johnson changed the sign on their dressing room door to 'The Thompson Twats'.

zygmunt 21:20, reply

needless to say tom bailey had the last laugh

what with all the 'not having aids' and everything.

__________ 7:28, reply

"I had to wait eight months for the swan"

Allanah's now making arty chairs with animals stuffed into them

celtiagirl 19:01, reply

given that she lost a baby on the same day her mother died

i'm surprised she's pissing about with dead swans tbh.

__________ 19:40, reply

It's what they would have wanted

pink_oboe 10:28, reply

And good morning to you, IDS

thatevilwoman 9:47, reply


deep_stoat 8:19, reply

Chaise longue frame? 15 quid in a crappy auction

Upholstery and dead animal? Couple of hundred quid. Cuntishness? Priceless

rogermoore 19:23, reply

He could of course be forgetful, or telling porkies...

But the blessed Tom claimed in an interview earlier this year that 'throughout all of that rock ‘n’ roll madness, (he) never drank or took any drugs or anything' and that he cleaned up his act before success. So, it must have been Alannah and Joe who caused the problems on set.

philanderer 17:12, reply

He knows what it means to work

hardon machines

gravelly_hills_cop 10:42, reply

3 degrees of separation

Spotted: Sheila Ferguson, in a round down part of Palma Nova - Majorca talking loudly to a very camp flunky about the 1.2 million euros it would cost to refurbish her villa in the area, and talking of some meeting with George Michale in Paris and how the taxi from the airport cost more than the flight and that how rude george was for being late.

More shagaluf info as it comes...

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 11:04, reply

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