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Paul Mariner, the ex-England Player now at Tornonto FC, is a huge Swervedriver fan

He's been to see them a number of times on this US tour and even took the band out to dinner.

Next up, Ashley Cole reveals his life-long love for Chapterhouse.

deep_stoat 9:38, reply

Shane Long

Was at the Wedgewood Rooms last night to check out indie folk band Electric Arms. And The Coronas of course.

stan2a10shun 21:20, reply

Adam Johnson is said to be a huge fan of

New Kids on the Block

thatevilwoman 10:47, reply

Lee Hughes used

to like At The Drive In, till he discovered The Killers

car_snow_gin 14:25, reply

Alex McLeish's favourite album is The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.

drunken_boht 17:24, reply

Franck Ribery's favourite song is

I Can't Get UGV Out of my Head

thatevilwoman 21:04, reply

Giggsy of course is often accompanied by

Somebody else's wife guy

soapy_handerton 22:35, reply

Kylie lo-jack

Contrary to reports elsewhere, the show after the Dubai World Cup of Racing last Saturday, was so poor and so very obviously mimed that many of those who had turned up to watch the pop princess and endured more than 4 hours of horse racing left before the first costume change with fewer than 200 punters hanging around for the full 90 minutes.

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 13:27, reply

No particular reason except

I like the simple retarded grin on Gideon's face

rogermoore 16:38, reply

He's fondly remembering his pastry dough boy years

pink_oboe 8:40, reply

Gaultier sailor - "yes,

it is like Dave's face"

thatevilwoman 8:59, reply

Wait a minute, I know this.

I'm sensing 'now'.

*fucking great banner advert*

hack_daniels 12:03, reply

My banner is for Russian brides.

Different country, just as hairy.

deep_stoat 13:32, reply

I bought my copy in Tesco on Saturday.

I watched it yesterday afternoon. I really rather enjoyed it. I might leave a review on Amazon. I might not. More as I have it...

plasticflamingo 13:33, reply

something, something

battered leathery box full of out-of-date stickiness

thatevilwoman 7:57, reply


thatevilwoman 8:47, reply

deep_stoat 10:07, reply

Is this about Jeremy again?

pink_oboe 13:10, reply

thatevilwoman 13:28, reply

deep_stoat 10:43, reply

sizing up Italy

thatevilwoman 10:49, reply

pink_oboe 13:06, reply

Watch it

or you'll feel the tiny hand of the law on your shoulder

mike_hunt 7:49, reply

my handcuffs look like

a Before/After of Lubbock's ringpiece

thatevilwoman 9:00, reply

The Daphne and Celeste

Comeback you've all been secretly hoping for starts here with a fairly good song

soapy_handerton 7:09, reply

John Renbourn Dead.

plasticflamingo 8:18, reply

Sleb spot: an exhausted, confused, yet polite Ian Hislop

Flying Dragonair from Shanghai to HK (just in time for the sevens) in economy with an attractive and much younger brunette (producer, wife, love slave? - delete as required). Looked as though he had been awake for three days. An airport VIP transport picked the pair up from the arrival gate, then dumped them at the carousel to wait for their bags with everyone else. IDNSH rapier wit but he managed a polite "after you" when one of a posse of touring ladyboys passed him in the aisle.

aristocat 8:55, reply

Not the first time a ladyboy has 'passed him in the aisle'!

I have no idea what I mean by that.

curlywurly 9:45, reply

here he is stroking a pussy.

mrsix 15:43, reply

here he is, next to a cock

thatevilwoman 15:56, reply

Here he is with Caprice (34)

deep_stoat 17:08, reply

We've Only Just Began on IJ now

spank_daley 17:21, reply


deep_stoat 17:39, reply

nah, it must be Jack Wild's skull

thatevilwoman 17:26, reply

NSFW what Omlette from Lee Nelson did next

xhamster.c ... _cock.html

turns out there is something more humiliating than being on The Lee Nelson show

barry 20:29, reply

"what a waste of time, no cumshot, and only few closeups"

one man's complaint is another's blessing.

__________ 10:29, reply

Money shot =

- small change

majicman 13:57, reply

6 months ago 'small cock - great show'


gordonsalive 16:57, reply

Is this about Clarks*n?

webmong 23:41, reply

Clarrkson gone from the BBC

Contract not renewed. Paul semen Staines "gutted".

rogermoore 14:02, reply

Music needs another

Nick Kamen, this goon seems to fit the bill.

soapy_handerton 17:33, reply

Ch-ch-ch-chucked out

mrsix 14:17, reply

Gay unemployed cunt

deep_stoat 0:06, reply

...and on that bombshell..

majicman 5:30, reply

It's worth considering his earlier work

pink_oboe 14:31, reply

deep_stoat 15:36, reply

__________ 23:22, reply

thatevilwoman 21:52, reply

deep_stoat 23:04, reply

More Carkson's era, perhaps.

philanderer 9:40, reply

pink_oboe 12:03, reply

thatevilwoman 15:29, reply

mrsix 14:45, reply

I fucking hate hipsters

spank_daley 13:23, reply

well i think awareness of male prostate cancer is a very worthy cause.

shame she's eight months early though.

__________ 14:12, reply

was this meant to go under

the Lil Chris photo?

thatevilwoman 18:51, reply


__________ 13:45, reply

The Sun's racing tipster

and nobodies favourite Radio Clyde sports turnip has been shopped (by a colleague?) for allegedly driving after a few too many. Sorry Jim, we'll have to leave your call there...

drunken_boht 16:36, reply

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