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Ben E King

No longer standing by me.

mrsix 13:25, reply

Paul King

Reportedly crapping himself about both his love and his p-p-p-p-p-pride right now

soapy_handerton 20:28, reply

mrsix 20:59, reply

car_snow_gin 23:04, reply

Voice of an Angel


mrsix 19:38, reply

I think you're missing an opportunity...

... they could do a sassy remake of Weekend at Bernie's with Martin Lawrence taking on the Andrew McCarthy role.

7zark7 19:07, reply

Now lying down.

mister_groping 16:59, reply

Only a couple of weeks after Percy Sledge, is this the curse of the Levi ad song?

Fingers crossed that cunt from Babylon Zoo is next.

spank_daley 13:41, reply

Whither Stiltskin?

hack_daniels 13:04, reply

so has his dentist

__________ 15:24, reply

I miss Early Doors.

humphrey_plugg 15:51, reply

Sir Christopher Lee is looking a bit ropey...

mrsix 18:21, reply

I hate Nicholas Cage

mr_e_mann 16:56, reply

Along with his sense of shame

deep_stoat 15:32, reply

Shane Meadows drinking in the Star and Garter, soho, last night

(after Bullard last week obviously THE pub to be seen in, and handily close to PB towers). Left his group to go outside for a phone call after which he stayed outside for an age tapping away on his phone. Making notes after an important call? Sending a follow up email? No, he was playing Minecraft.

deep_stoat 10:13, reply

Think Microsoft looked up "Edging" before renaming their Spartan Browser?

Expect trademark lawsuits from Future PLC, as usual.

fatlimey 6:30, reply

Shakespeare's way with ages

Godawful reality TV karaoke comp 'Popstars: The Rivals' had an internal investigation when it was found that pregnant contestant Hazel was actually over the age limit of 25. They found that two other finalists were being slightly loose with the truth on their age, but it was never publicly exposed as both were still actually within the set age limits. Thirteen years on, congrats to Sarah Harding, (33), for her new role on Coronation Street!

soapy_handerton 7:06, reply

What. A. Bunch. Of. Cunts.

deep_stoat 10:29, reply

I'd go further.

I'd say that that was the apotheosis of cunt.

plasticflamingo 15:58, reply


But no cigar

rogermoore 22:40, reply

Keith Harris has flown away (unlike Orville)

When I worked on the Butlins Pwllheli main gate in 1987, Keith Harris drove past me in a tatty Transit van.

humphrey_plugg 10:17, reply

Orville was asked how he felt about Keith's death but was reported to be speechless.

scat_man 10:34, reply

With the angles now.

hack_daniels 21:39, reply

I ate that Duck

R.I.P. Keith Harris

mrsix 12:41, reply

He once was a Chaffinch...

majicman 19:30, reply

I ate that swan.

deep_stoat 16:44, reply

I ate you Tommy!

mrsix 7:47, reply

I ate Tommy too.

deep_stoat 9:51, reply

Keith Harris was actually played by five different actors during his career

and at one stage the Orville suit was worn by the fella who played Jimmy Krankie. Trufax.

thebestnameshavegone 12:32, reply

Ahh. Wee Jimmy Krankie

rogermoore 13:21, reply

Point of information:

Jimmy Krankie was played by a woman, Janette Tough. Readers should be reminded that they have an entirely credible reason for appearing in Popbitch, having self-identified as swingers and boozers a few years ago.

philanderer 7:19, reply

New in town, are we?

dannyboyb 14:41, reply

Point of information: you're thick

thebestnameshavegone 14:22, reply


Tweeted the other day

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 9:55, reply

"I'll take that bet"

"OK, a fiver says this picture won't end up getting a bunch of sad mongs excitedly trying to come up with witty captions in years to come."

spank_daley 15:25, reply

"It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm a big fan"

said Savile when he first met The Yorkshire Ripper.

thegingerprince 10:34, reply

UKIP founding fathers

Not pictured; Ian Brady, Alan Sked or, Nigel Farage

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 13:14, reply

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