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RIP Kauto Star

From pedigree racehorse to pedigree chum

sausagesandplantsandgoldfish 17:04, reply

3.10 Uttoxeter to GBP3.10 Uhu

arch_crippledick 19:17, reply

Not now Kauto, you foal!

sausagesandplantsandgoldfish 20:46, reply

Kauto lives!

humphrey_plugg 22:55, reply

Bitch Aid

Who is the British TV actor who became a little bit too friendly in a South Sudan refugee camp?

Great insight to camera hogging, misery hunting celebs.

www.thegua ... =edit_2221

reverseferret 13:50, reply

Here's an oldie but goodie charity story

Kanye's old charity foundation raised over $1million but distributed less than $8000

I seem to recall Wyclef allegedly invoicing a six figure fee to appear at his own Haiti fundraiser although this got buried, because who the hell cares about Wyclef Jean.

soapy_handerton 20:01, reply

I thought Bono was the undisputed King of murky charity finances... I'm well aware of the age of the article, but I've still not yet read the results of the investigation into the ONE Foundation's lack of transparency. If any PopBitcher has more recent information, I'd love to see Bono's reputation resurrected.

philanderer 20:33, reply

How do you follow up making one of the most cringe-worthy adverts in modern history?

Well if you're Clean Bandit, the best way to wipe the memory clean of those awful Cortana adverts would be to appear at the closing ceremony for the Baku games, a place that has banned Amnesty International and faced numerous calls to boycott it due to an appalling human rights record. Still, Grace needs some more money to dance on the table, so who cares about their history of torture, how much does it pay?

deep_stoat 9:11, reply

Absolute moron Lucy Pawle's report on an ISIS flag at Pride has been rightly ridiculed by all the papers

(except, oddly, the Times and the Guardian, where she happens to also work EDIT - Guardian have now decided to run a piece on it).

Surprisingly for someone in her position she seems to have no idea how the internet works. Currently she's denying she ever made the above report, but I'm guessing that was a slip of the tongue. She also says in the CNN report that she was the only person to notice this ("I seem to be the only person who had spotted this"), seeing it when she was walking through London. However, a quick glance at her previous tweets (Lucy, they don't just disappear) shows that she spotted someone else's photo and went to investigate.

Yay journalism, a fearless reporter checks sources, denies sources, takes credit, denies credit. A column in the guardian can't be far off.

deep_stoat 9:49, reply

What she denied is calling it an ISIS flag. Which is correct, she didn't. (I have no connection to her BTW).

arthur 21:00, reply


It's not the first time a shady Middle-Eastern gentleman has convinced Paris she's going down. And then filmed it.

rogermoore 11:50, reply

Ha, good work that man!

In hijack news, spotted senior citizen duping Apprentice winner Mark Wright drinking in The Magpie by Liverpool Street at the weekend. Whilst IDNSHC I can report that his upper head is unnaturally large. The smug search engine pimping twat.

spank_daley 10:45, reply

The only way that this could have been better would have been if the journo had been Jenn Selby. P.S. You still want to do the sex with her, though, don't you D_S?

plasticflamingo 10:43, reply


deep_stoat 10:51, reply

RIP Chris Squire from Yes

briankilb 7:03, reply

No longer telling Wonderous Stories.

mister_groping 14:57, reply

mike_hunt 15:39, reply

philanderer 17:48, reply

No, that is Carol Thatcher,

she just thinks she's Chris Squire.

briankilb 22:15, reply

Sorry, Just can't see the pun in that.

arch_crippledick 8:23, reply

How about

As a rock guitarist, he was close to The Edge.

mike_hunt 9:58, reply

He's dead,

he's not gonna Wake-man

mike_hunt 10:13, reply

Was in the Question Time audience last night...

...Alan Milburn was dead behind the eyes and looked very much like an airbrushed android. Only a 1960s mannequin could have hair like that. He botched his cue when called to the stage and nearly tripped up as he did so, making him only mildly less spazzy than E.Miliband. Basically, yet another mediocrity with even less personality than Broon and Miliband The Younger.

Giles Fraser and Amber Rudd flirted with each other shamelessly before the cameras started rolling, while said baldy git hammed it up for the punters and had make up lightly dusted on his dome.

The UKIP woman was saying anything to appeal to the audience (so was Milburn), and blurted out a Freudian slip ("Meditter-RACE-ian!") while Dimbelby and the Floor Manager were plainly frustrated stand-ups, given their non-stop off-camera gags. Fraser Nelson was surprisingly nice for a Tory, and was probably the only sincere man on the panel, despite the curious voice.

Sadly, the Oasis Academy's bogs were unisex, and so had no latrines. Therefore, IDNSHC as standard, though I'm happy to report that the show has never had to edit out any swearing. Pissflaps.

changeroftheways 22:26, reply

Well, I'm watching Kanye and I'm going to call it

The emperor has no clothes

john_lewis_partnership 21:31, reply

meanwhile, big news from dexys hq

kevin rowland has just started watching 'entourage'. he's watching it "from the beginning" and he loves it - "brilliant character depiction".

__________ 9:52, reply

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