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And he's OFF!!....

mrsix 16:36, reply

Going off more like...

mister_groping 17:40, reply

Earlier, in a hospice gardens

rogermoore 17:27, reply


Just reading how Charlize dumped Sean Penn - by 'ghosting' him - but left out is why...

Because at their last public outing together at a ball in Austria, Sean was so drunk that he couldn't speak, or stand.

He already looks pretty worse for wear from photos taken earlier in the night (apols for link to the Mail) [url]www.dailym ... -Ball.html

silencer 16:33, reply

Gideon turned up at the TdF to appear on the podium with Chris Froome.

He was dropped off by his driver outside the team Sky base where, contrary to Rupert's wishes, he was roundly, and very loudly booed. He looked a bit shocked, tried to make some bizarre driving gesture and was booed some more before quickly scuttling off to sit with the French politicians.

deep_stoat 8:48, reply

no froome at the win.

(I'm very, very sorry)

thegingerprince 6:54, reply

Froome rejects dope

mike_hunt 9:38, reply

*points to door*

deep_stoat 9:25, reply

oh go on then.

thegingerprince 11:30, reply

This one comes with instructions.

humphrey_plugg 13:28, reply


Showboating cunt.

humphrey_plugg 9:24, reply

oh leave poor Gideon alone.

It's not like getting photographed snorting cocaine with a prostitute is a resigning offence or anything.

mrsix 10:49, reply

I was never really a fan of This Life

7zark7 6:05, reply

Hope he paid a living wage

PS What kind of tart did Sewel get for GBP200 a night.

lanista 12:58, reply

that's livin' alright

thatevilwoman 10:54, reply

*wonders if that coke is 40% cut...*

plasticflamingo 11:26, reply

xfactor thing just shared on the twitter

hasn't there been one of these posted every year, a big expose of the inner workings of xfactor, then deleted, then disputed, then debunked?

Anyone seen the Alistair McGowan / Jimmy Savile play / performance? Is it good?

pauly 12:49, reply

For those wishing to take part in the PB Fantasy Football League this year

Code for the League is:- 769225-189856

kerching 3:38, reply

Urgh, that's appalling.

"Eden". Blech.

curlywurly 11:01, reply

Eden's looks are certainly 'out there'

Anyone else think Emily Booth might have had 'some work done'?

soapy_handerton 15:49, reply

I hate Alanis Morisette

neville_bartos 16:06, reply

She actually smells dirty.

In a smutty way.

deep_stoat 8:45, reply


She did some lovely faux pronny stuff for a crap satellite channel a while back. Never averse to getting her pups out.

lanista 12:54, reply

Yes, she got them, out for a LIVE TV spin off show.

I've seen it, it was never going to trouble the Oscars and was very, very light but a couple of good tit shots.

deep_stoat 13:54, reply

you could drive a 16-wheeler

between her tits without her stirring, he added gallantly

thatevilwoman 20:21, reply

yes, i'd really like to have it off with her

to quote the rev, "until the neighbours complained about the smell."

__________ 11:52, reply

pre make-up

thatevilwoman 15:16, reply

how he ended up with Judy I'll never know...

mrsix 20:57, reply


that's awful.

I mean, who actually writes that badly in real life?

petsco 14:29, reply

Owen Jones

rogermoore 15:26, reply

I recall seeing Simon do a gig pretty soon after he'd been signed by Avalon.

He did a few character sketches throughout the evening, all of which were dire and went down like a lead balloon. After each sketch, he'd go up to the person from Avalon with him and ask them in a very needy fashion "Was that alright?".

cerealrapist 14:46, reply

I just write those emails for myself

if anyone else likes them, that's a bonus

pauly 9:25, reply

Max not looking too good in court

at least according to his official portrait....

neville_bartos 14:37, reply

Poor the Jimmy Somervile.

deep_stoat 15:49, reply

"hands where I can see them, Max"

thatevilwoman 14:42, reply

Hee hee !

fayekorgazm 16:19, reply

thatevilwoman 9:46, reply

Der weisse engle is here

deep_stoat 8:52, reply

Larry was fun

The National Theatre had a rigorous entry scheme at that time, but as Artistic Director, Larry would often recruit actors on a whim to be part of the Company and bypass the whole process.

How ?... By scribbling on their CV : “Dorothy". A badly scripted mnemonic for “Darling, One Really Ought To Have You”.

fayekorgazm 15:52, reply

(friend of Dorothy)

thegingerprince 11:25, reply

They're remaking that movie, you know.

Snickers Man.

humphrey_plugg 11:52, reply

Save of the season

soapy_handerton 15:33, reply

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