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Krept and Konan - their hip hop album now nominated four times at the MOBOs

are very nice young men, perhaps a little too nice. When they were in the studio they didn't want to go down the road to the cornershop because they thought the area looked a bit dodgy.

deep_stoat 14:28, reply

re Jo from S Club in the mailout

The username 'lennyboy831' that she's flogging her stuff on isn't all that surprising, seeing that her boy is called...Lenny, born in 2008, when she was 31.

neville_bartos 13:32, reply

What do you think the chances are that

She chose that name as a tribute to Lenny Henry?

soapy_handerton 19:08, reply

As high as

anyone buying something from New Look based on the unhappy, unwell look of those advertising their products.

mike_hunt 0:12, reply

total Digby

thatevilwoman 14:26, reply

do NOT post that fucking picture, stoat

spank_daley 15:02, reply

pigcity 15:38, reply

thatevilwoman 15:45, reply

trellis 16:58, reply

Teabag Tits Tori?

thatevilwoman 17:50, reply

(Or) Teacup Tits Tess?

philanderer 13:14, reply

rogermoore 8:49, reply


Wasn't me.

deep_stoat 15:42, reply

You're both cunts

spank_daley 16:11, reply

I know it's not Friday but who cares...

edmor 6:51, reply

In other news..

Half-naked 'world's grumpiest woman' glues her bum to Debenhams in Croydon in protest over there being 'Nothing on Telly'

www.croydo ... 4.display/

mrsix 17:51, reply

Does anyone have a ouija board with a direct line to Mary Whitehouse...

... because I just listened to a Radio 4 documentary which mentions fisting and licking arses and 'fucking like a porn star' ... s/b060blkz

7zark7 5:57, reply

It must be porn week on Radio 4...

No vulgarities in this programme, but the discussion on gay porn particularly would have had Whitehouse turning (in her grave).

philanderer 12:20, reply

Well, she is in her 40s now

soapy_handerton 21:59, reply

deep_stoat 15:44, reply

double cunt

spank_daley 16:47, reply

deep_stoat 16:48, reply

Liposuction ... it leaks.

Da daa!

homejames 22:39, reply

hack_daniels 16:27, reply

black eyed pees

rogermoore 20:27, reply

*googles Chrissy Amphlett*

hack_daniels 16:45, reply

rogermoore 20:56, reply

Andrew Eldritch- the student years

trellis 17:50, reply

If the Carpenters had done drugs.

deep_stoat 7:46, reply

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