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Don't expect a statement

From Chris Moyles on today's Grauniad hatchet job. He's absolutely loaded from paying very little tax on the last ten years earnings, and simply doesn't give a duck about working unless he thinks 'its going to be a laugh'.

soapy_handerton 17:47, reply


neville_bartos 18:07, reply

I'm not Moyles

I'm a journalist. Look, I'll prove it by writing a ludicrous article about how Lauren Laverne is totally charismatic and really good at presenting:

soapy_handerton 21:57, reply

thatevilwoman 9:51, reply

Hi Lauren

scat_man 23:37, reply

Friday afternoon?

*Puts the bins out*

mrsix 14:20, reply

Stuff an orange in her mouth

rogermoore 9:56, reply

pink_oboe 16:11, reply

__________ 14:33, reply

Alvin Star-ashes-to-ashes-dust-to-dust

mister_groping 16:10, reply

I hope he likes gravy

spank_daley 16:49, reply

we all LOVE gravy

thatevilwoman 17:37, reply

Gravy booby

dawnsyndrome 9:14, reply

It's all gravy for J-Lo

thatevilwoman 9:24, reply

I'd still rim it

spank_daley 14:13, reply

You must be out of your tiny mind.

dawnsyndrome 15:10, reply

Not a good couple of weeks for Eurovision related 70s popstars

Alvin Stardust came 3rd in the 1985 A Song For Europe with the song 'The Clock On The Wall'. I guess that clock has now stopped...

agnetha 11:27, reply

The chipmunks are devastated.

nogginthenog 11:24, reply

Wasn't the story

That Adam F hated his Dad to the point that he wouldn't do interviews because they would inevitably ask if the gloved wonder had been his inspiration?

soapy_handerton 17:51, reply

Hope he has A Wonderful Time Up There...

plasticflamingo 12:32, reply

Is this some sort of Gobbler's Knob for twitter cunts?

The Mong Kok area is known for its tough, working class social fabric and criminal underbelly

bubastis 11:56, reply

Mong Kok?

Nah mate....what you need is a Wastelander Panda...(imagine a monochrome Mel Gibson riffing off Afro Samurai)...

Although the Arcayus reference might be a nod to the old French circus Archaos...bless.

weishaupt 12:26, reply

great pick-up technique though...

mrsix 10:39, reply

Shorter than on telly spot:

Former internet impressario turned beardy Big-Bro-bothering, dragon-fancying TV host Jamie 'this job is nothing to do with my dad' East, at Aldwych, wearing startlingly red shoes and screwing his face up, looking lost.

As with all my slebspots, if it wasn't him, it might have been a tramp.

Do you pay for these?

thebestnameshavegone 22:14, reply

I think you're paying right now :-(

dawnsyndrome 8:28, reply



muzar 14:36, reply

my first thought was "oh, he's died"

glad to be wrong

pauly 9:34, reply

The power of the milk and alcohol diet.

deep_stoat 23:24, reply

What's the email address

For the 'Farewell Tour' refunds then?

soapy_handerton 20:16, reply

Fetish corner

Adam Ant's alleged fondness for used underwear? Go a step further with a used Adam Ant car seat. It's not clear if it was sat on during The Week That Matters, though.

bad_horsey 12:46, reply

Time was

when you could just sit in a pub and wait for him to personally lob all his used car spares through the window for nowt.

briankilb 3:40, reply

also portsmouth, what is it with portsmouth this week?

I'm from Portsmouth, and in this day and age we don't need that sort of thing. I nearly had a full on hysteric.

pauly 9:37, reply

Last time he was there

he had to shelter in a hotel on the Hard (or 'with a' ... oh, suit yourselves ... ) as he'd upset just about every Portmuthian with his kerrrazy gobbing off ...

stan2a10shun 14:20, reply

Are you from Southampton?

changeroftheways 19:44, reply

Fackin' Scammah

Him ... not you, like ....

stan2a10shun 20:45, reply

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