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Double sleb spot

Mike Leigh at Tottenham Court Road station about 10.20 this morning followed by Jamie Theakston about 5 minutes later down Charing Cross Road

flobbit 16:08, reply

Promiscious literary flop freak: Cocks and models edition

It would appear that the Streatham mobile phone strangler aka Naomi Campbell is now shagging Idris Elba.

A mate of mine used to work in a top hotel which the ex-Supermodel stayed in with her ex boyfriend Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin when she was doing an event.

She rocked up with an entire box full of wigs, which must make foreplay and post-play interesting. ('Tits, face or the weave?'). Anyway, one of the hotel's cleaners was surprised when Mr. Doronin left an item of jewellery on the bedside table after the couple checked out.

Engagement ring? Not quite. Apparently it was a cock ring.

Unrelated fun fact: mammoth cocaine consumption causes erectile disfunction which a cock ring goes some way to help.

Another unrelated fun fact: Naomi's 1996 book 'Swan' has the following review on Amazon: "This book is so obscene in some parts, and its not even written by Naomi Campbell, but some filthy man. Dont pick up this book if you want your brain to be burnt away by the promiscious literary flop of some freak."

star_fucker 10:54, reply

Haddaway and Dr Alban are trying to crowd-fund a film about the 90s eurodance 'movement'.

Don't everyone rush to donate at once, it might bring the internet to its knees.

fo_shizzle 11:14, reply

From what I hear

Idris may be in need of a cock ring then. He does so love that white stuff.

mercyme 7:22, reply

philanderer 17:26, reply

__________ 21:22, reply

deep_stoat 9:22, reply

pink_oboe 9:33, reply

cover_me 13:08, reply

Its slow here at the moment, lets go old skool

Craig David, vaguely topical, once introduced himself to an ex and friend in a club with the line "Which one of you is going to suck my dick in the toilets?". The friend did, never did find out the flava.

sec 10:32, reply

Your poor ex and his friend. That's Craig's usual type.

He is not quite all there mentally.

cerealrapist 20:57, reply

Craid David all over your...


neville_bartos 16:57, reply

BJ its all upto you....

sec 17:10, reply

Beau selector..?

Oh, suit yourself.

curlywurly 14:13, reply

Belated sleb spot

Fiona Phillips and Martin Frizell watching Billy Connolly stand very still in Hammersmith on Tuesday night.

flobbit 14:48, reply

You had the shot?

You had the shot? WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE IT?

roger_mycock 11:16, reply

Left your flamethrower at home then?

pink_oboe 15:33, reply

Earth, Wind and Pyre

Maurice White brown bread at 74.

car_snow_gin 0:40, reply

Pleb spot hijack

Jowly brummie and failed mobile disco magnate Gary from the Apprentice was on my tube this morning. From the shit suit, scruffy rucksack and coffee-on-the-go combination I'd venture a guess that he's back doing a shit sales job.

spank_daley 10:50, reply

same tailor huh?

car_snow_gin 21:19, reply

After The Life Has Gone.

mister_groping 7:48, reply

Earth, Wind and Dust ... s-35499149


curlywurly 0:36, reply

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