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Even the queen hates Rolfie now...

The Queen has directed that the appointment of Rolf Harris to be a Commander of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, dated 17 June 2006, shall be cancelled and annulled and that his name shall be erased from the Register of the said Order.

neville_bartos 16:20, reply


roger_mycock_littleboy 14:39, reply

from providing the electrics for the ovens at auschwitz to this

big thanks AEG!

car_snow_gin 9:24, reply

*tips off Obama about a secret terrorist training camp I've just heard about*

mrsix 9:06, reply

I don't think Brokeback Mountain

will make a very good provincial stageplay

thatevilwoman 7:53, reply

to Raqqa.

fo_shizzle 22:08, reply

If I were her

I'd have done it as soon as the useless cunt turned the canvas round Edit: actually, if I were her I'd use being on stamps as an excuse to demand being rimmed by the general populace *shrugs*

spank_daley 17:09, reply

on his webcam right now

thatevilwoman 20:52, reply


roger_mycock_littleboy 21:08, reply

thatevilwoman 6:47, reply

majicman 9:22, reply

If that's Sarah Millican

she needs to have a word with whoever does her Botox.

roger_mycock 9:40, reply

And her jokes.

deep_stoat 11:04, reply

''there's this one thing aboot 'avin' big tits, like, is that I divvent

seen me big gut!" *Germaine Greer immolates herself*

thatevilwoman 11:16, reply

thatevilwoman 9:35, reply

deep_stoat 11:47, reply

spank_daley 11:50, reply

drunken_boht 12:09, reply

"don't tell 'em your name, Pikelet!"

thatevilwoman 12:16, reply

Welcome back medium_smart poster

nice syrup mate

spank_daley 12:25, reply

the shirt-tie combo, nicked from Saul Goodman, just

screams: "I am the finest soup-handler in the Surrey region"

thatevilwoman 12:41, reply

The Matrix ‘the Bible of the post-information age’

Kanye West popped into Oxford's Museum of Natural History yesterday. Here are his words of wisdom:

sydbarretthomes 14:32, reply

PHILIP!!!! One's dinner is escaping

mrsix 14:42, reply

A weasel hitching a ride on a woodpecker.

fuck it. Beat the wires and all but that darn weasel is everywhere now. Here's a flying stoat instead...

webmong 23:57, reply

The weasel was weasily wecogninised.

deep_stoat 14:55, reply

mrsix 15:19, reply

Stoatally different

roger_mycock_littleboy 21:02, reply

The classic Slav response

To a stranger's demise. Weary, casual chat or laughter.

gordonsalive 15:46, reply

that guy was having a worse day than Adam Johnson

mrsix 17:21, reply

I'll tell you who is having a good day

Dick Loving, the husband of Marlon Brando's sister Frances. Although to be fair he's probably dead.

soapy_handerton 21:50, reply

Brits show. The audience reaction every time Madge's name was mentioned was so muted

that they added screaming to the broadcast when she came out. Poor Madge, the youth no longer give a fuck. Also, oddly, those giant words that floated up and down are, of course, in mad Tracey's handwriting as she designed to the trophy. After the show they all have to be destroyed in case someone steals an original Emin artwork. BECAUSE NO ONE IS GOING TO NOTICE YOU STEALING A TEN FOOT HIGH WORD.

deep_stoat 10:16, reply


I thought he'd klingon for a while. But then he did live long and prosper. Kill me now.

thebestnameshavegone 17:22, reply

nice log in

deep_stoat 15:47, reply

RIP... "I am NOT Spock" was his first autobiography....

And then did a later book... "I AM Spock".

One of the nicest and the most intelligent of the cast.

Tough enough to stand up to the ego of Shatner right from the beginning too.

He paid for the security patrol for his whole neighborhood street, and it's landscaping.

fayekorgazm 17:36, reply

Shame. I had the helmet and everything.

curlywurly 16:33, reply

Nooooo! Take Zachary Quinto instead!!!

humphrey_plugg 17:56, reply

"Its worse that that, he's dead Jim!"

roger_mycock 20:38, reply

TV was more fun back then.

deep_stoat 12:25, reply

that never gets old

thebestnameshavegone 14:43, reply

soapy_handerton 18:01, reply

Still my personal favourite wikipedia edit:

And it lasted 4 months without revision :-)

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 12:00, reply


Used to pay a FOF 200 quid a time to send him dick pics. Easy way to earn a crust I guess.

manikman 23:46, reply

Is Smith cracking a cheeky squeaker

into Sheeran's lap? Bullying gingers is so 1980s. Even the driver heard it.

stan2a10shun 22:00, reply

That audible cheeky squeaker is another sad reminder

that he doesn't have a boyfriend

spank_daley 12:42, reply

philanderer 8:40, reply

Don't be too sure.

That skinny lass from Harpurhey in the first series of BBC3's 'People Like Us' shoplifted an entire carpet.

auntie_betty 10:40, reply

In other news, if you want to congratulate Paloma Faith on being the only thing that was even mildly interesting last night

(emphasis on the mildly), then she can be found jogging round Queens Park with her personal trainer most mornings.

deep_stoat 10:44, reply

oh, was she on the actual show?

i just saw her about 60 times in the sponsor's adverts, squawking at some witless spastics in a bank vault.

__________ 15:48, reply

...dressed as a pink duck


thatevilwoman 10:45, reply

__________ 20:19, reply

I saw Bjork in Sainsbury's once dressed in a black rubber dress covered in spikes.

She didn't know where the eggs were though.

deep_stoat 10:47, reply

That's nothing...

I once saw Lynsey de Paul, who's a far better pop star than Bjork because she appeared at Eurovision, buying carrots in Finchley Road Waitrose. She was small.

And let me tell you about the time Madonna (to this day I'm *convinced* it was her) passed us on the M62 on the way to Roundhay Park in 1987. She didn't wave back. Bitch.

agnetha 15:19, reply

when she lived on the Holly Lodge Estate

on Swains Lane next to Parliament Hill, Lynsey could sometimes be seen on Hampstead Heath dressed much like a bag lady and accosting strangers with a long spiel of gibberish.....

uncle_whuppity 20:44, reply

I spotted Danny DeVito...

...coming out of the gates from Eccup resevoir in 2000.

cantinghoare 17:19, reply

i was on a cruise in xmas 2009,

as was danny. One morning i saw him and he looked awfully sad. travolta's son had died the day before, so i imagine it was that. or the breakfast buffet had run out of grits.

halloween_jack 8:12, reply

deep_stoat 15:24, reply

devoting her entire career to

impersonating Bobcat Goldthwait has paid dividends for the annoying Icelandic arsehole. I would have expected her to shop at Waitrose or Whole Foods

thatevilwoman 11:01, reply

Bobcat now makes vaguely interesting indie films

Nearly Friday so here's a heartwarming tale of a rescued otter cub "Draw me like one of your French girls"

roger_mycock_littleboy 20:24, reply

Get cape, wear cape,


clinton 6:37, reply

Unemployment is better

than being in Madge's entourage right now.

xanadu 4:29, reply

No it isn't.

dawnsyndrome 13:27, reply


will pay for that.

stan2a10shun 23:32, reply

I only caught the tail end

Of the news tonight... was this the story where the police are hard at work examining his back alley then?

soapy_handerton 20:15, reply

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