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Dick Wagner Deaded

plasticflamingo 17:05, reply

We're under attack.

If you've had trouble posting recently then don't worry, you're not alone, but we know why. It would appear to be the fault of some people in China spamming the board and trying to post (I kid you not) Lou Bega MP3s at a rate of 270000 an hour. So the board is going to shut down later today for a bit of weasel work but it'll be back up asap. In the meantime there's always this

deep_stoat 9:30, reply


mrsix 22:52, reply

anyone really had trouble posting here though?

Reply here if you... oh.

Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes update: the production crew have managed to knock down three walls, one of them a medieval dry stone wall. Luckily dry stone walls look much the same knocked down as they do still standing, so it might be ok.

pauly 14:27, reply

and the horse you rode in on....

mrsix 22:12, reply

See you and raise you

rogermoore 13:12, reply

I have been businessing it

In a small town in N Wales called Denbigh over the past six months, with the shady owner of a girls boarding school (calm down Spank). Greg was seeing a local woman of ill repute up here from some time, apparently everything bar her occupation made the national press?

soapy_handerton 15:50, reply

The mighty Bush 56 today

edmor 20:35, reply

dawnsyndrome 8:35, reply

stan2a10shun 0:02, reply

fayekorgazm 11:30, reply

I miss Minky

powermaster 16:22, reply


deep_stoat 12:36, reply


__________ 8:01, reply

Waist ruined by dildo icecream.

Speaking of nips, where is the original KB pic I uploaded?

edmor 8:31, reply

Carefully positioned in my bathroom

majicman 22:53, reply

that's definitely a real ad for a real product

those crazy foreigns!

pauly 9:17, reply

FOF used the toilets in the bar of an upmarket hotel in Canada.

He was a little surprised to find they were unisex but was settling down in a cubicle for a posh piss when he was interrupted by elephantine farting from the next cubicle followed by proper pebble dashing of the toilet. When he heard the bolt go back he had to peek round his door to see who could have made such an incredible noise - of course, it had to be, Gloria Hunniford.

deep_stoat 14:39, reply

My wife had a similar thing happen to her.

But on this occasion, it was a rather 'refreshed' Honor Blackman who appeared from the cubicle

mister_groping 8:01, reply

a few years back my ex interviewed gloria

and the conversation inevitably led to discussing how she'd coped with the death of her daughter. by the end of it my ex was a blubbering mess and hugely embarrassed to be in such a state, but said gloria was wonderfully understanding and really lovely about it. So, although she might occasionally blow some serious mud, she's generally very nice

car_snow_gin 15:04, reply


#You never miss

#With a sit-down piss

thebestnameshavegone 14:42, reply

Oh you can.

deep_stoat 14:57, reply

Seven years dead

thebestnameshavegone 15:06, reply


And look at all those posters/lurkers who are no longer posting. Not like it was, once was fields, corn laws, woooosh

chestrockwell 16:01, reply

Different death pool

Quite a few have gone to pastures new

powermaster 6:41, reply

Do you mean bob pitch?

(is bob pitch still going, BTW?)

hack_daniels 7:26, reply

Indiekid pegged it.

That was sad as he was a gent. lots of others too.

powermaster 16:19, reply

Plan C...

Head over to Amazon to pick up that iTunes exclusive...

neville_bartos 15:45, reply

It's no Dungen.

hack_daniels 17:20, reply

Who needs this

When you've got Skinnyman's Council Estate of Mind?

soapy_handerton 21:33, reply

the 'buy an add' thing!

haha! been literally days since someone posted that

car_snow_gin 17:15, reply

Lighten up chuckles

mrs_ivy_trellis 17:26, reply

car_snow_gin 9:27, reply

It's too late

pink_oboe 8:49, reply

Teh nets are full of horror this morning

"You're the one for me fatty"

mrs_ivy_trellis 9:37, reply

Girth is the loneliest planet

I'm throwing my arms around pastries

Kick the bride down the deli aisle

Back to the Steakhouse

Rubber Ring

There is a fridge light that never goes out


prefers_earlier_work 15:41, reply

You could get a cock in there.

dawnsyndrome 15:33, reply

Mexican cock. With grated cheese on top

rogermoore 17:17, reply

The beast is dead.

Jon Fat Beast has died. If you ever played at the Bull and Gate (or went to see Carter) then you'll know who I mean. Shame, the music scene needed more people like him not less. Or is it fewer? I really don't care.

And yes, he did look a bit like Kuato in Total Recall.

deep_stoat 12:53, reply

Carter have set up

a collection so that he can have a decent send-off:

dariusjedburgh 12:01, reply

ah, crap. he was a nice guy.

__________ 9:12, reply

sad news

RIP you fat bastard

car_snow_gin 9:01, reply

If you can count them, it's fewer.

Fewer characters=less interest.

Fewer strokes=less irritation.

thebestnameshavegone 0:14, reply

I told you, I don't fucking care.

Apart from making a sentence ugly I've never seen a practical example where incorrect use leads to the wrong conclusion.

However, the Typeface / font argument is very much still alive in my world.

deep_stoat 8:27, reply

yes, but the incorrect conclusion argument legitimises the infer/imply brigade - because yes, of course we all know what they mean, even though they're wrong and lazy. And that woman who says Pacifically. And to all extents and purposes...

john_lewis_partnership 8:49, reply

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